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User Info: x3kingsheat136x

4 years ago#11
My gt is my username
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User Info: The_Kiriyama

4 years ago#12
Well, if you didn't know already, the game is pretty open for multiplayer. All the campaign, side-missions, and the world in general, is completely open to multiplayer. Other players when you're online and you either have a private game (and invite people) or a public game, join your game, and can do everything in your hosted world together. It's a great lot of fun. As for what i'm planning on doing. Pretty much everything.

When I first got BL2, I felt like the campaign was really great, and I enjoyed the DLC's to an extent, but to this day i've never played more than maybe 2-3 sidequests. Which means I've got at least 100-200 odd to experience and enjoy. I said to myself, I wouldn't do them until a character came out that I was totally in sync with, and I think Krieg will be that for me. Zer0 was close, but just shy of what I wanted. I think Krieg will be spot on, and as a result, i'll be playing through the campaign, all three times on UVHM. Levelling to max level 61, doing every single sidequest on UVHM, and completely gearing myself up and doing all the DLC's and farming raid bosses, etc. Lots and lots of stuff planned. Looking forward to it.
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User Info: zeldafaneight

4 years ago#13
Borderlands is definitely a much better experience online if you can talk to or somewhat know who you are playing with. If you want someone else to play with go ahead and send me a friend request on XBL. It's cool if you don't have a mic but like kiriyama said its easier to play with those who do
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User Info: Traziel

4 years ago#14
I've ended up to a point where I only play with randoms if they're doing missions or slaughter domes. Otherwise I rarely even bother logging in to xbox live other than to trade.

I always run solo builds anyway. I hate other sirens with thoughtlock because I then have the possibility of attempting on a locked target.

On top of all those annoyances, are the modders, shamfleeters, etc. I instantly look at a person's weapons as soon as I join their game. What's on their back, in their hand, and what shield.
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User Info: redpeas1

4 years ago#16
Well it sounds like you've definitely got a great experience ahead of you with what you plan to do!

The memory on my xbox is awful at the moment so I can't download all the extra stuff until I get an expansion on the memory so I only have the Pirate and Torgue DLC. My character is Axton and I'm currently maxed out at Lvl 50.

Do you want me to add you now, or on Tuesday when you can play? I'm not planning on doing anything on my xbox tonight but I can add you if you like?

User Info: The_Kiriyama

4 years ago#17
Aye, add me now if you like, and when i'm on, i'll accept it. I play a lot of Battlefield 3, Defiance, Dark Souls and other things too, so if you play any of that we can meet up there an' all.
GamerTag: TheKiriyama
Currently Playing: Defiance (UK), Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, Dark Souls

User Info: redpeas1

4 years ago#18
Okay, I'm jakey7284 by the way, this account on this site is a username I used to use agessss ago! xD

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