Which tree is considered the best for each class for solo?

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  3. Which tree is considered the best for each class for solo?

User Info: Doober2

4 years ago#1
And how would you rate them in order of best to worst?
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User Info: Pyro-Ro

4 years ago#2
For Maya you'll need Cataclysm with the Converge skill
For Salvadore I like to run the middle tree with points all into keeping my ammo and clip size as high as possible. Take some health bonuses from the right tree too for tanking.
For Axton it really depends how much you like his turret.
I dont play Zer0.
And Gaige would either be BFFs tree or Anarchy depending on how well you can manage it.
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User Info: Doober2

4 years ago#3
What's Axton Survival like?
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User Info: gunsndroses

4 years ago#4
Salvador- Gunlust mainly, then Rampage. Ignore Brawn, it isn't that good at all.
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User Info: Stormkid5

4 years ago#5
Axton is tricky. The Gunpowder skills are pretty excellent, but having Gemini Slag Rocket Pod Turrets is awesome. It's just a shame most skills in Survival suck
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User Info: Doober2

4 years ago#6
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#7
Cunning- while my favorite single skill is execute(bloodshed), the Cunning tree is great for most builds you choose with him. Death Blossom is always great, and there are good gun skills in there(rising shot), and Innervate, which is also a must have skill IMO.

Guerrilla- the capstone skill here(double up) is the best option, and most useful, especially in UVHM. It slags enemies, and that's valuable. Ready, Willing, & Able are all great skills. I'm also a fan of grenadier... There's nothing wrong with having 14-18 grenades, Right!?

Cataclysm...... Ruin. Nuff said

Depends on what you consider best.
Easy/lazy/casual mode?- BFF
Attentive anarchy stack building?- Ordered Chaos
Shock beast?- LBT

Honestly, it all depends on what you want. They're all good in their own way.
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User Info: MusashiKagehide

4 years ago#8
From my personal experience, I loved soloing with Bloodshed Zer0 running the Law and Order combo (even going as far as using a level 29 Law and 25 Order above level 40 in PT2) plus singularity grenades. When your melee damage is converted to healing at a 1:1 ratio, and your melee damage is doing dozens to hundreds of thousands... well, you survive. Unfortunately, I was stopped at Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. The reason is obvious. I went back to my Survival/Guerrilla Commando (who I was stuck with as early as Bloodshot Dam in PT2), and thanks to levels gained from friends running Terramorphous, I powered through it. Once I got my hands on a class mod that gave +6 Grit, it took a lot to actually down me. Sure, I didn't have the slag turret yet, but going for x2 turrets first then rushing to missile pods let them pretty much do the work for me.

Oh, and I totally forgot I had this video from my first real time using Many Must Fall using that build.
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User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#9
Zero- Cunning/Bloodshed.
Axton- Gunpowder buffs, preperation, and scorched earth.
Maya- Converge, and life tap or reaper
Salvador- Moneyshot and Rampage
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User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#10
Nothing can stop muh anarchy/electro Gaige and Make it Sparkle Deathtrap cocktail. I've tried a few other characters but there's just nothing like having your own robot to call on when in a pinch, and Anarchy is arguably the best one-point non-capstone skill in the game!
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