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User Info: Wandyman

4 years ago#1
So about a year before BL2 dropped, a buddy attempted to get me into BL1 with him. I didn't buy it, just played with him for a few hours. Now after thoroughly enjoying multiple play through's of BL2, I just got BL1 GOTY in the mail yesterday.

Another online buddy of mine did the same and we started to play together, we're right at the part were we fight Sledge. (level 13).

My question is, which guns are better for use as compared to BL2. I'm mostly looking to hear about CR's and pistols. I know pistols like the Infinity and DP Unkempt are superior in BL2, are pistols better in BL1 overall? I'm also starting to get the idea that CR's are WAY better in BL1 as compared to being some of the worst for BL2. (imo).
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#2
The burst fire AR's in 1 were my favorite guns. Look out for "Stompers". Super powerful and accurate.

There are 2 types of pistols, repeaters & revolvers.
The revolvers were friggin DOPE. They were my 2nd fav guns in the game, and IMO, much better than revolvers in BL2.
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User Info: Stormkid5

4 years ago#3
In Borderlands 1, any gun is viable. That's the main difference. Honestly, just use any weapon you find to be kick ass. I used a level 25 AR all the way to lvl 50+
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User Info: MonoxideHektik

4 years ago#4
Smgs are the top weapon in that game.

Once you get ahold of a hellfire, you'll have a hard time tearing yourself away from it.

S&S assault rifles can be pretty awesome as well.
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User Info: elconoM

4 years ago#5
prefixed Masher Revolvers, because 800x7 on even a Lv50 white rarity...
Maliwan shotgun, elemental 4x... prefixed Crux, at blue or better
prefixed Anarchy SMG's, as they can be x2 or x4 bullet fired at a time
AR's generally suck in BL, but decent guns work well. Atlas AR are what I look for.
Eridian Thunder Storm
Transfusion grenades
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User Info: TurboReaper

4 years ago#6
I'm one of the 3 or 4 people in the world that had a preference for launchers. They worked differently in BL1, and pretty much only Brick made the best use of them. If that's not your thing, awesome.

Some of my other favorite weapons were the double thanatos, corrosive crux, an explosive shotgun that I believe was called the hammer or something like that, and the Chimera. The double anarchy is an smg you'll want to get your hands on, along with a hellfire.
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