Dropping all Heads/Skins

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User Info: Old_Books

4 years ago#11
Thanks again making my collecting much easier!

User Info: Chaobringer

4 years ago#12
Thank you for the skins!!

User Info: long_mann_hamer

4 years ago#13
Long Mann Hamer. All I really want are some Kreig heads/skins and the dark knight skin for Zer0.
Freedom doesn't knock. It rings. 'Merica!
XBL = Long Mann Hamer; PSN = Nitelifecomando

User Info: TwilightSky023

4 years ago#14
Could I get any of these skins if you have them?

Axton: Real Men Wear Pink
Gaige: Gumming the Works, Miss Ramone, None Blacker
Maya: Frozen Wrath, Pretty and Pink, To the Rescue, Vault Burst, Wrath
Salvador: Pink Eyes
Zer0: Tiptoe Through the Tulips

GT: TwilightSky023

Thanks in advance! :)
XBLGT: TwilightSky023

User Info: Bonezy_B

4 years ago#15
i am in need of a few heads if you're still willing to part with them :)

siren-kawaii killer


commando-bone blinder

mechro-lovely corpse

too hard to farm vermivorus :( i only have 1 head from him...


thanks in advance if you can help or thanks for the offer even if you can't :)

User Info: Aceofblades2k2

4 years ago#16
I just care about heads.

Gt Aceofblades77 ill be on in a few mins
,/\[E {}F |}L/\|]ES, "Lance Armstrong Needs Akimbo Testicles- Why is he only allowed one at a time? - SmolledShrimp

User Info: Dferrin2

4 years ago#17
How bout Kawaii killer/shrapnel slayer or shadaloo stylish/ bone blinder? Trying to get em since the game came out!

GT: that nincompoop

User Info: DraxAttax

4 years ago#18
Verm, bunker, terra, and Henry heads for all 5 characters would be amazing. GT is BaronMan007.

User Info: Bellethor

4 years ago#19
I would love a Snowblind/Sand Mask head for Axton. I have a 61 Butcher, Hellfire, Harold, White Death, Slagga etc for trade. My GT is Greciler, just ask if you are interested.
Pokemon White FC: 4170-4725-7749

User Info: DraxAttax

4 years ago#20
Thank you so much.
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