Looking for a few good vault hunters.

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User Info: SquirrelBeacon

4 years ago#21
Well, it looks like you already have a good team lined up, but if a couple fall through, I'd love to do this. Borderlands 2 is my favorite game, but none of my friends play and I get all kinds of jerks with random matchmaking, so I've done two and a half solo playthroughs. I'm willing to play as anyone but the Mechromancer (That's the one I've spent the most time on and I'm trying to get all the acheivments). Anyway, my gamertag is SquirrelBeacon, let me know if you'd like me on your team.

User Info: DivineTestament

4 years ago#22
Messages sent out to Disturbed, Wretched, & Pryor.

If anything doesn't work out, I'll contact the next person on the list.

Thank you all so very much for your interest & I hope that you take a look at what I/We have in store for you.
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  3. Looking for a few good vault hunters.

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