lf level 61 stuff. much to trade/dupe

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User Info: ghost5480

4 years ago#1
Alright so I'm looking for level 61 versions of some items then ill list what I have to trade or dupe for them :)

Bee with 179k amp damage
Shock hail
Shock fibber
Shock norfleet
Leg siren mod
Leg psycho mod
Leg berserker mod
Leg mechro mod
Leg assassin mod
Bone of the ancients shock plus cooldown
The transformer
Black whole
White death/lyuda

Willing to trade/ dupe any of these and all are 61

Fire sandhawk
Non ele sandhawk
94% sham
Rough rider
Fire and corrosive norfleets
Shock fire and non ele butchers
Two fer unforgiven
Fabled tortoise
Leg commando mod
Shock fire and corrosive infinities
Derp nukem
Nasty kerblaster
Metero shower
Bonus package
And a level 59 hefty baby maker

Btw if anyone can tell me how to refind topics I've made that would be greatly appreciated I'm kinda new to this site :) but anyone can message me on xbl at Ghost5480 I'm almost always on

User Info: Zach4

4 years ago#2
i have a legendary psycho 61 and a 61 white death
gt ZACHB1998
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  3. lf level 61 stuff. much to trade/dupe

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