Handsome Jack is the true hero. (major spoliers)

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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#61
hey guys cool topic

can anyone pl me btw??
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User Info: VeritasAbIrato

4 years ago#62
People like you really just need not exist, troll or not the fact that you argue that Hitler was only in the wrong because he lost is morally offensive to say the least. Genocide is genocide regardless of ANYTHING else. Also if you are going to attempt to wear the guise of intellect at least make sure you don't confuse THERE with THEIR when you are spouting your dribble.
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User Info: MCMXIV

4 years ago#63
I sat upon the shore / Fishing, with the arid plain behind me
Shall I at least set my lands in order?

User Info: VeritasAbIrato

4 years ago#64
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User Info: aNiceLay

4 years ago#65
this was great for some chuckles
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User Info: kylekillgannon

4 years ago#66
Here's the problems I have have with these threads, in order;

Bandits in General
Dr. Zed

What are their redeeming qualities? Outside of their familiarity with the player, they don't have very many positive contributions to rub together between all of the parties involved.

They're all varying degrees of irredeemable, all possessing traits that are morally dubious. Sadists, murderers, rapists, violent maniacs, cannibals, cultists, sociopaths, narcissists, mercenaries, paid killers, scientists bent on performing crimes against nature and humanity, and overall selfish, vile and self righteous people who would likely kill each other if it benefits their interests. These people don't have much to outweigh their obviously corrupt ways. They've all killed innocent people on their walks of life and have done far worse to people far less deserving of such atrocities. These things aren't shed a light on and merely broached in the game.

But we're ready to cast a light on Jack's misdeeds and call him the evil one of the group. But does that make the people on Pandora good? No.

You hear a few sob stories about all these people Jack has wronged but we don't hear about the people who Zed has experimented on. We don't hear about the merchants Marcus murdered to monopolize arms dealing on Pandora or all the obvious shady dealings he's into. We don't hear about what Tannis plans to do with the Slag experiment notes, those notes containing data about those poor innocent people Jack has tortured- But we know that what it is happens to be ethically wrong and that she has interest in pursuing it. Scooter's pyro streak, or the people he killed because he didn't like them? Nope. Clap Trap's little robolution is all but forgotten, along with how his ineptitude has potentially cost lives all over. We only casually hear about the bandits sacking and raping and pillaging towns, and it's treated as just another passing event in the daily grind on Pandora.

The main characters? Mordecai is a poacher, he hunts endangered species for drunken entertainment. Zero has been involved in assassinations of high profile targets, largely for his own thrill of finding a challenge. Brick and Salvador are "good" psychopaths, and merely go on violent, torturous paths of destruction which list off piles of crimes against humanity but are waved off as justified. Lillith is a sadistic, selfish murderer who works for her own interests and only has a tinge of moral quality to tell who you're supposed to be listening to in the story. Krieg is just as unstable as any bandit, and just as likely to go on a violent outburst as one- But it's ok because he was made that way by Hyperion.

And lastly, Roland. the man who puts on the pauldrons of a white knight, with only interest in accomplishing his task at hand. He doesn't care if he has to kill an innocent girl, it was part of the mission and he's only happy to complete the objective. He doesn't care that a comrade's companion dies by his plans in action. He doesn't even extend any real condolence. It's on with the mission. He's only a good guy because his sociopathic level of tunnel vision points him at the antagonist. He has no concern over the loss of lives, he cares about succeeding so he can survive. They're only casualties to him.

But they're the good guys. By designation of opposing Handsome Jack, that's what they must be by default. This group of killers, rapists, and evil doers. They're the ones fighting for their lives in this bastardized retelling of the taming of the Old West.

This is the problem with Jack. He's been made into a cartoonishly evil man, to juxtapose with the incredibly dubious established cast of characters. Creating a hard to swallow; "Lesser of two evils" scenario.
History is written by those who have hanged heroes.

User Info: ICEman Morgs

ICEman Morgs
4 years ago#67
reigigas_master posted...
ICEman Morgs posted...
mfv12979 posted...
A hero who demands you should love him more than you should love your parents. lol.

Christianity is the same way. You're supposed to love God more than your family, and put Him ahead of them.

But I agree that Jack is no hero.

Pardon me, but that's not what all Christians believe, just throwin' that out there....

Yes, pardon you. I never said what all Christians believe. In fact, the list of things that all Christians believe is rather short.

My original statement is within the Bible, :. Christians are supposed to believe it - whether they do or not is entirely inconsequential.
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User Info: Aceofblades2k2

4 years ago#68
You have to look at the traditional archetypes for literature. Like the above poster mentioned, the vault hunters aren't perfect.

But ultimately a lot of there draw is done for the benefit f the player, and to make them seem more badass.

In the end. The very fact that they deliver Pandora from oppression classifies them as chaotic good. Jack is chaotic evil, everything he does is for his own gain, even at the cost of his health and his family. (think of the warrior fight, he's virtually dead but instead of trying to patch himself up he wants to kill you and seize Pandora).

Jack may be the greater of two evils, but he folks that role well.
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User Info: iOutlawTorn

4 years ago#70
killbot357 posted...
hey guys cool topic

can anyone pl me btw??

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  3. Handsome Jack is the true hero. (major spoliers)

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