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User Info: Shepp_Handler

4 years ago#1
So I currently have a 43 axton in tvhm. I'm having fun and recently I've acquired the kill skill in the middle tree. I also have the kill skill in the left tree. When I kill a enemy and they proc my rof is ridiculous. I never noticed because mostly I used shotguns in my first pt. after I got a decent at with a large clip I'm in love with those two skills.

Basically my question about sal is does he have skills that increase his rof and if so what is a good build to maximize his rof.

Ty for any info

User Info: fakesnoop77

4 years ago#2
Locked and loaded - Reloading your gun gives you +5% Fire Rate per level for a short time.


Lay Waste will give +40% when maxed.

Keep Firing will give up to 88% Fire Rate

This is my build for Sal; -
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User Info: Shepp_Handler

4 years ago#3
Thanks for the info. Ill probably start a new game with sal o mess around

User Info: Aceofblades2k2

4 years ago#4
Sal is awesome, so much versatility.
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