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User Info: FAILUREtoreply

4 years ago#1
The Infinity suppose to be one of the highest? Apparently I must have gotten super lucky because a Loot Hyperion midget just dropped me a lvl 47 Rapid Infinity with a Hyperion scope, which is my favorite of pistol scopes.

Never have gotten an Infinity from loot before this is rather exciting :D. Also apparently Doc Mercy is glitched so he cannot drop the Infinity from him, making this find quite rare indeed.

Best use the hell out of this weapon as much as I can before my Krieg reaches UVHM.

Also how's Krieg doing for ya'll? Right now I'm digging his BloodLust and Mania trees. Lovin stacking Bloodlust while having 4 kill skills and just demolishing everything with my Tediore reloads.
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User Info: LordRaviel

4 years ago#2
Infinity has a terrible drop rate so I was very surprised when I managed to get a Rapid Infinity yesterday out of the Slab King's chest on my Krieg's TVHM run. It is pretty useless though especially being level 43.
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User Info: Thageng

4 years ago#3
Useless level 47? I'll take it. :D
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