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User Info: zeldafaneight

4 years ago#1
To help procrastinate on studying for finals I've decided to to a loot drop. Just post what you want here and I'll message you asking for an invite when I'm ready. I'll also take any gear that I don't have be it a different element or whatnot

This is what is available:

level 61
Explicit Devastator
Slag Bladed Tattler
Bladed Tattler
Tumtum Hawkeye
Social Interfacer
Slag Hefty Avenger
Shock Brisk Avenger
Slag Restructuring Butcher
gaa dunk ga Tunguska
dippity Tuguska
Perma-Sharp Avenger
Banbury Storm
Feral Bearcat
Basic Retcher
Onslaught Serphim
Fire/Corrosive Bladed Tattler
Bladed Tattler
Severe Lead Storm
Binary Infection
Nasty Sawbar
Vengeful Stalker
Agresive Slagga
Flyiing Emperor
Stopping Emperor
Rightsizing B****
Zammechat White Death
Predacious Pyrophobia
Sledge's Shotgun
Slag New & Improved Deliverance
Quik Drawler Badaboom
Maximized Logan's Gun
Cowboy Hammer Buster
Fire Takitkal Madhous!
Well Kept Striker
Slippery KerBlaster
Corrosive Prudential Norfleet
Hard Unkempt Harold
DP Harold
Thrusting Unkempt Harold
Purging Infinity
Rapid Infinity
Slag/Shock Conference Call
UltraPercise Bunny
fwap a Nukem
Shock Sandhawk
Assssult Teeth of Terra
Slag Rubi
Slag Eviseration Rubi
Sticky Homing Bouns Package
Sticky Lobbed Bonus Package
Homing Fire Bee
Shock Fastball
Sticky Longbow Slag Singularity
94% Sham
The Bee
Alkaline Hide of Terra
Grounded Hide of Terra
Grounded Black Hole

Level 59
Bowie Unforgiven
Vengeful Infinity
Dva Stalker
Fire Zammechat White Death

Various level 54-59 E-tech Relics

Level 60 Explosive Kiss of Death
Level 58 Rocket Roaster
Level 58 Well Kept Triquetra
Level 58 Easy Landscaper
Level 58 Aequitas
Level 56 Deadly Boom
Level 56 Perma-Sharp Avenger
Level 55 Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker
Level 55 Bulk Octo
Level 55 Akurate Sawbar
Level 55 Fast Law
Level 54 Stoic Lascaux
Level 54 React Teapot
Level 53 Expandifide Sawbar
Level 53 Asset Shotgun 1340
Level 53 Corrosive Crudy RokSalt
Level 53 gaa dunk ga Tunguska
Level 52 Attack Bearcat
Level 52 Cohesion Fremington's Edge

Level 50
Hard Devastator
Night/Fire Pitchfork
Slag/Shock/Fire Norfleet
Fire/Shock/Corrosive Infinity
Shock Critical Conference Call
Auditing Invader
Fire/Slag/non elem White Death
Swiss Deliverence
Fire/Corrosive/Shock B****
Agressive Slagga
Dastardly Maggie
Corrosive Veruc
misles Gub
Conummate Hellfie
Takitkal Madhous!
Banbury Volcano
Turbulent Mongol
Good/Bad Touch
Electrified Little Evie
Sir Hammerlocks Rex
Slag Sandhawk
Skookum Cobra
Blood of Terra
Blood of Seraphs
Sticky Homing O-Negative (Fire)
Sticky Homing Bonus Package
Breath of Terra
Corrosive/Slag Singularity
Homing Meteor Shower
Legendary Siren/Solidier/Mechro/Hunter
Hide of Terra
94% Sham
Alkaline The Bee
Black Hole
Legendary COMs Siren/Mechro/Assassin/Solider
Level 48 Legendary Psycho COM

All non DLC heads (no scarlets/torgue/hammerlocks/goliath helm)
GT: vI DISTURBED Iv (capital i not l)

User Info: brianvolk42

4 years ago#2
Id love to get the slag evis rubi and badaboom and any heads besides krieg and sal please.

GT: brianvolk42

User Info: bujumba

4 years ago#3
Shock conference call and either infinitys?

User Info: WiiLover94

4 years ago#4
I would really appreciate The Blood of Terra.
"He never saw Molly again."
XBL GT: Hellcamino420 - Currently Playing: Borderlands 2/ Injustice: Gods Among Us

User Info: stvsy

4 years ago#5
lvl 61 94% Sham please
GT stvsy

User Info: bujumba

4 years ago#6
bujumba posted...
Shock conference call and either infinitys? GT BuJumba

User Info: dk2101

4 years ago#7
Ill take the lvl 56 avenger,lvl 54 sawbar,lvl 59 unforgiven and lvl 59 stalker
(message deleted)

User Info: mafid18

4 years ago#9
I would appreciate any level 50 gear. I bought my x box at auction, and played for half a yr before getting online. Used the previous owners ID, got my guy up to level 50, can't get him on live though because I don't have his password. I have a level 7 maya, but want to continue to uvhm with my axton, and hav e zero orange weapons. I had a flakker but sold it. My ID is votingheart6.

User Info: masterchris001

4 years ago#10
slag evis rubi
GT: Craigaknight
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