What is the best shotgun in the game?

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User Info: ginganinja22

4 years ago#11
Shotgun 1340

User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#12
Practicable Shotgun 1314.
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User Info: DRCEQ

4 years ago#13
I had the Slegehammer drop from a loot midget once. It's damage doesn't compensate very well for it's lack of accuracy, automatically firing both barrels and then having to reload.

That's how it works. An automatic double barrel shotgun. Bangbang reload. Bangbang reload. Bangbang reload.
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User Info: Direfatalis

4 years ago#14
GreenKnight127 posted...
No mention of Twister? Shame on you.

Agreed. Twister all the way. Also dont mind moxxis heart breaker, the blockhead, and teeth of terra.

User Info: Spaceball65

4 years ago#15
Sledges shotgun is possibly the worst of the Gold Shotguns...

Best Shotgun in the game is relative to which character you're playing and what skills you have... All around I would say top three are:

Conference Call - It never ever sucks
Butcher - Nothing like a machine gun/Shotgun that doesn't devour all your ammo
Slow Hand - Healing Splash Damage? Yes please

Here's some other good (underrated) shotguns to think about:

Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker -- Always fire and Low(ish) damage, but it has a tight pattern and that 75% Critical Hit damage can be a game changer.

Jolly Rodger -- High Pellet Count with High Damage - This gun got my Zer0 through the beginning of UVHM the first time around.

Deliverance -- if you can get one of these in corrosive, surveyors become way less of a problem
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