Is mechromancer with best friends forever supposed to be the "easy" mode?

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  3. Is mechromancer with best friends forever supposed to be the "easy" mode?

User Info: mettlegear

4 years ago#1
i ask because i'm going to be soloing primarily and hear B2 is much more difficult than the first game. or is there another setup that makes for a better "easy" mode?

User Info: KimJongKrieg

4 years ago#2
If you can solo the first game you can solo this game.

User Info: tiguns

4 years ago#3
More like "girlfriend mode".

Gaige even says "good one, babe" sometimes.

User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#4
I wouldn't necessarily say its easy mode in terms of it being more powerful than other classes/builds...

But it does require less from your actual character. The more Deathtrap does, the less you have to do.

A well played and built character can kill quicker than Deathtrap anyway. It's kinda just a tree that newcomers can use and have fun with until they get the game down. And I'm in no way saying you suck if you use this tree.... It's just designed to be more noob friendly.
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User Info: dueric

4 years ago#5
Maybe through the first two playthroughs, but once you get to UVHM it's not nearly as powerful as it once was depending on the enemy types.

It's weird. They made Gaige to be a more "accessible" character, but she ended up being the least powerful in the game's flagship mode. Go figure.

Side note: When I say "least powerful", I do not mean she sucks or is unusable. She is still good in UVHM provided you have top shelf gear.
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User Info: Steelboy87

4 years ago#6
The BFF tree is great at any point or run through of the game, I don't care what anyone says. Even on UVHM, if you give Deathtrap a good roid shield, deathclap, the laser, and any other useful Mechro-deathtrap skills in the BFF tree, he will clean house if you support him. I think of deathtrap as like another character fighting through the game with me, he'll only help you as much as you help him. If you throw him out and expect him to kill everything, he'll die way before that, but if you fight with him and help weaken enemies and get the melee stacks up, then he'll be a beast.

User Info: Steve0314

4 years ago#7
IDK about that... DT is good and all but I find investing points in myself is far better. Use DT as a distraction and lay down some heavy fire with OC and LBT.
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User Info: Dethuli

4 years ago#8
Explosive Clap and Aggravated Assault are the only 2 attack skills worth investing in for Deathtrap. Everything else hurts your DPS and gets DT killed faster.
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User Info: ShAd0wF1amE

4 years ago#9
It's easy mode in the sense that it's simple... Someone who has never played Borderlands before would probably find the BFF tree to be easy to understand, and it would do just fine for the first playthrough. In terms of effectiveness, however, pretty much any other single tree on any character would be better.
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User Info: GoTeamLexana

4 years ago#10
I think a combo of the middle tree and the left tree are the easiest for Gaige. The middle tree can slag, heavily eletricute, and burn enemies all at once. Some peeps swear by anarchy but i don't like it at all.
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  3. Is mechromancer with best friends forever supposed to be the "easy" mode?

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