with Borderlands 2 loot and difficulties tried, dried and done....

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  3. with Borderlands 2 loot and difficulties tried, dried and done....

User Info: KOFPrincess

4 years ago#1
Anyone moving to Diablo III next after the 4th Borderlands 2 expansion?

Getting some Borderlands 2 friends to play it. It has guest co-op also so my cousins are already interested in co-oping together too.


Has more loot and the classes look and play more unique,
and more abilities and enemy types too.

Plus there's going to be lots of difficulties, including Monster Power settings (Easy, Medium, Hard, Master I, Master II, Master III, Master IV and Master V. ) and console version will have better loot drops.

And there is Hardcore mode too (no respawns survival challenge) and PVP/brawling.

User Info: dk2101

4 years ago#2
I too will be getting Diablo 3 :D

User Info: xliner

4 years ago#3
Recently getting all characters to lv61 (need to finish Axton and Zer0) and going to play the dlc like crazy (raid boss baby!) I will need a new game to play eventually :)
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okay, maybe a little...

User Info: nuclearpizza

4 years ago#4
I didnt even realize it was coming to 360. I'm just so excited right now.
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User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#5
Gonna finish Blood Dragon, Battleblock Theater, and the 2 Batman games I haven't even touched.
Never played Diablo, any good? I heard bad things about the 3rd one.
http://i.imgur.com/qfsbZAm.png -- GT: Gears of Wario
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User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#6
Way too obsessed with Dark Souls to think about D3. By the time that's done, Im sure if I want to play a game like that, I will simply wait for Destiny. Thn Dark Souls 2. Oooh boy.
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User Info: dueric

4 years ago#7
I'm getting it because I like these sorts of games. Not because I think there's anything wrong with Borderlands 2.
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User Info: ToughGuy5394

4 years ago#8
Diablo 3 sucks compared to borderlands. Mainly cause of one problem. 99% trash loot. At least in borderlands eventualy u can master finding good purps and legendaries but in diablo its too randomized. U need perfectly rolled loot to survive inferno. Ur not gonna afford it with gold and will need to use real money to build a perfect character. I played it alot. Beat inferno and feel like i accomplished nothing. At least borderlands has tons on content outside main story. Just frusterated with the time i spent waiting to have fun. I appologize for my rant.
GT: Gears of Love96

User Info: chuckleswood

4 years ago#9
Ill def be getting D3, but I'll keep playing borderlands for sure.
"There it is you guys.....Mee-Krob"
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  3. with Borderlands 2 loot and difficulties tried, dried and done....

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