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User Info: Lahar

4 years ago#11

I think FFYL can be gear and skill dependent, too. For example you're not getting Second Wind sticking with outdated guns as you level up in UVHM.

Let's look at it this way. They did something different with Krieg so you're looking at his down-state differently.

Some people keep a RL in case of FFYL. In part, a Crunch mod is in case of LtF. And let's ignore the relic.. I kept a +11% or 13% one throughout TVHM 'cause I never found anything better until really late. So that's it for gear, one slot.

As for skills, if you're going down Mania, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to spec Strip the Flesh regardless of LtF. Strip the Flesh is great on its own, IMO worth taking if you're in Mania or even if you're dipping that far down when running Hellborn or Bloodlust.
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User Info: simcowking

4 years ago#12
ToughGuy5394 posted...
Yeah but it seems very gear an skill dependant. U need ur res for time and strip of flesh for explosive damage aaand maybe a relic and mod combo. I gotta admit it is fun as hell havin full movement ability and blowin people up in the end but it just isnt practible. I guess ill try it later when i have the gear and see how good it can get.
Just a little disapointed in a cool skill.

It isn't practical at all. But honestly its his most fun skill. I use it to go 40% faster constantly.

I run as my required skills: LtF, Blood Splosion, Strip the Flesh, Redeem the Soul, and Fuel the Blood (really optional, since LtF and this rarely work together). These make for some wonderful Bloodsplosions. Especially if you are surrounded you just weaken one and wait to die (normally doesn't take long) Then explode once, everyone dies in a few seconds.

Gear: I'm using the Flesh Crunch Mod.(+6 StF)...

Thats all I have that boost my LtF at all.

Love Thumper, Slagga, HeartBreaker, (random purple rocket launcher), volcano... relic is blood of anciets (+50% health, +69% sniper ammo)...

Works fine for me.
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User Info: Keirshowers

4 years ago#13
Not sure what to say to you TC. I have had LTF since from the start and truth be told when I first started UVHM I dropped it because the bombs did nearly no damage. Once I speced him for explosive damage along with Bloodsplosions, I always get right back up even against some of the harder enemies.

As others have said the mobility is what I really like about it along with the ability to clear a room (with Bloodsplosion) when I get back up. Helpful hint like others have said, try and save a weak enemy last just incase you do go do.
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