anyone wanna do Terra on UVHM?

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  3. anyone wanna do Terra on UVHM?

User Info: BurstBear

4 years ago#1
Every group of Randoms I find doing so is black gunning it. :|

Also, I'm down for Pete if you host!

User Info: Lahar

4 years ago#2
Won't be back home until this afternoon (~3 or 4 PST) but I'm down for either any time. I'll send a PM.

Can host for Pete with Krieg or Gaige, both 61. Also working on Maya and just hit 58.
I said runt.

User Info: KimJongKrieg

4 years ago#3
I wish I had live. I would love to join you!!

User Info: Bonezy_B

4 years ago#4
i would but i don't have a character strong enough :( i got a 46-55-55-53-56 & the 61 that could help is stuck right now...
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  3. anyone wanna do Terra on UVHM?

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