Just opened up the door behind "The Darkness".

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User Info: genesis42

4 years ago#1
For those unaware, you have to throw a Magic Missile at it. The grenade mod can be obtained from the Handsome Dragon.
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User Info: CRadames

4 years ago#2
It can be obtained from certain wizards as well
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User Info: Marsillio

4 years ago#3
Thanks. I wouldn't have figured that out.
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User Info: SamuriChameleon

4 years ago#4
Didn't work.
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User Info: genesis42

4 years ago#5
SamuriChameleon posted...
Didn't work.

You have to actually kill The Darkness with it, not just throw it at the wooden door.
GT: SevenDeadIySin

User Info: evildarknight

4 years ago#6
Thanks, did it and got the chest. :D

But I didn't get the achievement...

Edit: Apparently, killing the Darkness with the magic missile doesn't give you the achievement. You have to kill it with other items.
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User Info: ndog921

4 years ago#7
Ah cool. Me and my friends were trying to figure that out. Strange way of getting a chest, but I'm not a fan of needed a specific item to do it : /
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User Info: reload88

4 years ago#8
Would the lightning bolt work on this?
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  3. Just opened up the door behind "The Darkness".

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