How do you get past the moving floors?

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User Info: A3QU1TAS

4 years ago#1
The ones that go up and down I get crushed every single time.
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User Info: Azrael0206

4 years ago#2
Just gotta time it right
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User Info: TrialZero654

4 years ago#3
the first and third panels move at the same speeds i believe, but the 2nd and fourth are completely different, from each other and the other 2

there's no secret unless someone finds a way to clip past them or into the walls or something, it just requires good timing

if you watch them, there's a specific sequence to them due to their different speeds and there's only like a dozen different combinations, only one or two of which will allow you to cross all the way (unless you have some sort of movement speed boost, which may add some more leeway, but you will still need good timing)
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  3. How do you get past the moving floors?

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