Tips for fighting The Ancient Dragons of Destruction and how to get there.

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  3. Tips for fighting The Ancient Dragons of Destruction and how to get there.

User Info: SilentUnited

4 years ago#1
Before attempting to fight the raid boss you must have finished all the story missions in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Now that you've finished the story missions head back to Flamerock Refuge and speak to Mr. Torgue who will give you the quest "Raiders of the Last Boss" giving you the ability to fight the raid boss. Once accomplishing this head to The Lair of Infinite Agony. You or someone else will need to have 20 eridium to open the passage to The Winged Storm which is where you will fight The Ancient Dragons of Destruction. This raid boss is different because instead of fighting one individual person/creature you are fighting 4 different dragons. Each dragon has a different ability so it is vital you take them out in a certain order to make things easier. It is HIGHLY recommended that you bring your best equipment/characters and also a slag weapon.

The Ancient Dragons of Destruction:
-Brood the Invincible (Green Dragon)
Brood will spawn minions to fight you which can be somewhat annoying especially when you're trying to focus on the four dragons.
-Incinerator the Invincible (Red/Orange Dragon)
Incinerator doesn't have any unique abilities except the fact that he will try to cook you to death. He is just really aggressive.
-Healianth the Invincible (Blue Dragon)
Healianth can be a serious problem since he is the dragon that will heal the other dragons.
-Boost the Invincible (Purple Dragon)
Boost is the dragon that needs to go immediately because he will level up his fellow dragons to levels where it may be near impossible or impossible to kill. This leveling up process has no limits.

Recommended order to kill:
1st Boost (Purple)
2nd Healianth (Blue)
3rd Brood (Green)
4th Incinerator (Red/Orange)


User Info: salmon_slapped

4 years ago#2
i find it easier to kill boost last cus he only lvls the other dragons when hes on the ground so if you kill the other ones first he is very easy to kill when his ability is useless. So if you can avoid shooting him and put another dragon down first by shooting them (ive never seen 2 of them land at the same time) then none of the dragons will level. did this a few times last night and it seemed to be the easiest for us and none of the dragons lvld.
gt: yamarider350

User Info: SilentUnited

4 years ago#3
Thank you for the info, we weren't aware of that.

User Info: SilentUnited

4 years ago#4
Sorry everyone I should've tested that order before posting. Here is the new order:

Recommended order to kill:

1st Healianth (Blue)

2nd Brood (Green)

3rd Incinerator (Red/Orange)

4th Boost (Purple)

User Info: MysticHomer

4 years ago#5
Thanks so much for the info OP. I bet it would have taken us a long time to figure out the landing thing.

So I think we did really well killing Healianth (blue) first, so there was no way he would land and heal anyone. Then we went Brood (green), Boost (purple), then Incinerator (red).

We went Brood/Boost first because they both have a fireball or swoop move that insta-downs you. Incinerator is powerful and aggressive, but you can usually tell where his area attacks will hit, so we left him for last.

Also, having 2 Mechromancers summon Deathtrap causes too much ruckus, i.e. they target the wrong dragons and so they would come down and land

Wouldn't recommend this, lol

User Info: SilentUnited

4 years ago#6
I recommend using a Commando or Gunzerker due to their action skills. I do agree that the Mechromancer's Deathtrap will attack recklessly and attract dragons that will ruin the order and possible resulting in failure. I am unsure of how well the Psycho, Siren, and Assassin would do in this fight.

User Info: salmon_slapped

4 years ago#7
From what ive seen the psycho is a moderate dmg dealer and a pretty decent tank being able to heal from some dmg that you do since all but the red dragon can take burn dmg (if you invest in the hellborn tree), he can also revive easily if your using the firehawk you can equip the grog or ruby then revive someone while dmging the dragon with the shield.. siren is a healer but not sure how good she will be since ive never used her there before. The assassin is actually very helpful he can use deception then mark the dragon increasing fire rate and dmg on top of that killing blow and backstab can do some heavy dmg to them.
gt: yamarider350

User Info: mdealassfault

4 years ago#8
I'm pretty sure Incinerator reflects bullets back at you.
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User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
4 years ago#9
mdealassfault posted...
I'm pretty sure Incinerator reflects bullets back at you.

He does.

healiath - lightning beam, slows you down and damages shields heavily, not much else
Ignitas - flamethrower, really tears through anyone that doesn't have a shield on
Brood - Large AoE corrosive bomb, not very accurate but if you jump into the area it lands you're almost guaranteed to be dead.
Boost - Slag shots, very small, very damaging. A lot of people go down without even knowing why, and these are usually the culprit.

Healiath - I've only ever seen him do a lunging attack, or a generic claw swipe
Ignitas - Flamethrower again, sweeps the area in front of him, hurts quite a bit.
Brood - Shotgun of 3 or 4 corrosive blobs, don't hurt too bad but if you get hit by multiples it can be a guaranteed down.
Boost - He likes to run away from you, but if you corner him he'll usually claw you or hit you with a beam of slag. Doesn't hurt much, but it's a guaranteed slag if he focuses you.

Special Ability:
Healiath - Blue orb surrounds him and he heals other dragons. Doesn't really have any effect if you're focusing each dragon down individually, especially when you start with him as I've not noticed him heal himself.
Ignitas - Guards himself with his wings, causing him to reflect bullets. Lights portions of the floor on fire, does lots o damage if you decide to bathe in it, not much to worry about otherwise.
Brood - Summons 3 or 4 basilisks, good for getting second winds, they don't pose any real threat.
Boost - Levels the other dragons, though I've not noticed. They all seem to go down pretty easy, and I usually make sure to take him out first.

These are my findings. Special Abilities are only used on the ground, and only used once per landing. Healiath cannot heal twice, Ignitas cannot guard up twice, etc etc.

User Info: SilentUnited

4 years ago#10
Thanks Gun Sage for the full list of what the dragons do, it's nice to know 100% of what you're fighting.
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  3. Tips for fighting The Ancient Dragons of Destruction and how to get there.

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