So... how's this Mechro Build look?

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User Info: DigiDude77

4 years ago#1

I really like the idea of a shock heavy mechro, who also uses anarchy, but for the life of me, I couldn't find a build like this. Most were either shock builds with Sharing is Caring, or anarchy builds with barely anything invested into LBT, etc.

However, my Mechromancer is pretty new, and I'm unable to test out builds, so I ended up coming up with this. Gives me full LBT, Anarchy, Discord, and even Upshot Robot.

I'm curious if there's any tweaks you would suggest?

And one random question: Occasionally while playing with my sister and her boyfriend, my deathtrap's cooldown will reset... while Deathtrap is still out. Anyone know why that happens? (Using it while he's up does nothing, but I can instantly resummon him once he's gone, so it isn't just a graphical thing)
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User Info: BBA322

4 years ago#2
This is the shock & Anarchy build I'm running after getting myself a nice "Consummate Florentine" from the seraph vendor in the new DLC as well as having a "Wired Zapper Class Mod" of +24% Electrocute Damage, +25% Chance to shock, +6 Wires Don't Talk and +5 Electrical Burn from farming the Warrior over and over. I also have on a 216.8k Capacity, 18.7k Recharge, 2.08 R.Delay, 50% Deflect Chance, 820% Deflected Bullet Damage, 47% Damage Reduction Antagonist Shield as well from the Seraph Vendor in Tina's new DLC.
Although recently I'm looking at taking out my 5 in "More Pep" to place into "Strength of Five Gorillas" for more usefulness with Deathtrap with how I'm setup in gear now.

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-I have never liked "Shock Storm" for it having to rely on getting critical hit kills to even be useful, you don't always have that leisure either with single enemies that are staying up longer. That frees up 5 points for you to use elsewhere like "Strength of Five Gorillas" if you so choose or "More Pep" if you're lacking in adequate gear for getting electrocutes off better or slagging your targets.

-"Shock and AAAGGGGHHH!", even though it costs 1 point, I'd really only take if you were running with both "The Better Half" as well as "Smaller Lighter Faster." They will pop much more frequently with those two working together, but that requires to at least be near or surrounded by enemies a majority of the time to really even make good use of that, so that's another I usually skip out on. Deathtrap is the one who charges in to be a distraction for me.

-The only reason I don't have Interspersed Outburst is because I can Slag enemies very easily now with the "Consummate Florentine" SMG (18% Slag Chance, 51 Magazine, plus it has shock damage too!) and Antagonist Shield being able to slag enemies, PLUS, I have a "Lobbed Slag Crossfire" seraph grenade from the Torgue DLC if I wanted to equip it.
On that note though, I usually prefer having my "Sticky Lobbed Shock 0-Negative" seraph grenade for life gain along with my current "Binary Rubi" pistol, mainly due to my not having "Cooking Up Trouble" in my build. Otherwise, Interspersed Outburst is highly recommended for getting Slag off if you don't have something like those or a Slagga SMG.

-To add to what I mentioned with the Antagonist Shield above, I went down into the BFF tree to pickup "Made of Sterner Stuff" to go along with that 47% Damage Reduction and then I get the bonus of more Melee for Death Trap.

-As for your "Ordered Chaos" tree, you could probably take a point out of "Typecast Iconoclast" to put in Robot Rampage. It's one of Deathtraps better skills to make use of if you really intend on having him out. If you have more points unspent from the ones I mentioned possibly taking out from above or decide to remove on your own and don't want to dip into BFF tree any further, you could probably go with adding a Couple in "Preshrunk Cyberpunk." That is if you are capable of getting that far with your stacks.

-I can't really vouch for how useful "Make It Sparkle" is for you or "One Two Boom" for that matter. MIS never looked appealing to me since I'm dealing the elemental damage anyways, so I never bothered with it. Same idea with OTB. I'm the one who should be worried about getting MY shock damage out and not worrying about looking for whenever Deathtrap fires it out. There's enough to survey in a fight without needing to look for a chance to make use of that skill.
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