New DLC and Krieg

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User Info: KimJongKrieg

4 years ago#1
There was a post yesterday/the other day about the new dlc being particularly tough on Krieg. Was it tough on a hellborn krieg or just his character in general. I'm gonna play it for the first time tonight and I would like to enjoy the story the first time around. I don't want to be frustrated the entire time.

tl;dr Is the new dlc really tough on Krieg, or hellborn Krieg?

User Info: Keirshowers

4 years ago#2
From what I have been reading and seeing, a lot of enemies are resist to fire and shock. So a hellborn Krieg will have some issues.

To put it in other words;
-there are a lot of mini boss dragons that resist fire.
-there are a TON of skeletons who resist fire.
-most of the Knights who use armor resist fire.
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User Info: DarkLeemer

4 years ago#3
I went through it solo with him in UVHM and it wasn't that bad. Main problem is that the resistant enemies don't ignite so often times I had to grenade myself to keep the Firehawk active but they still take plenty of damage if you slag them first. There were only a couple fights that actually gave me a problem and those were the dragons since the mainly stayed out of the range of my firehawk.
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User Info: CRadames

4 years ago#4
My brother just ignores the Hellborn tree and goes down Mania and Bloodlust

Been a cakewalk for him
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User Info: davinthegreat98

4 years ago#5
a good hellborn krieg should be using a binary infection. the DoT will keep you up against armored enemies.
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User Info: xboxBUNZILLA

4 years ago#6
Whoever said that was not very good.
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User Info: Krys_Malice

4 years ago#7
I went down mania and blood lust tree. I run love thumper with explosive mod and relic and I haven't been having any trouble at all. If there is something that I can't beat the crap out of I just switch to my Alkaline bee and Sandhawk.
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User Info: Akuryu

4 years ago#8
Bloodlust/mania = easy mode. Cleared it (and all other content in the game for that matter) on UVHM without breaking a sweat.

User Info: Makotoren

4 years ago#9
Probably dragons. Flying enemies aren't the easiest to deal with some one who uses krieg. Unless you practice with some flying enemies when it comes to like buzzax rampage it can be a bit tricky.

User Info: simcowking

4 years ago#10
The topic yesterday was focused more on a melee krieg. Which honestly he is pretty difficult to do well with in UVHM against flying enemies. However, I never found any area particularly difficult with melee/explosive krieg.

As mentioned Hellborn is a different story due to the extreme amount of fire resistance in the DLC. I want to say EVERYTHING resist it making it hard. I can say I never played Hellborn very long cause I couldn't get it to jibe with my play style (I couldn't keep myself on fire long enough before my shield started to regen on FotFH was useless) It was fun exploding everywhere, but it seemed suboptimal to me.

If you can get the fire to stack, it should be fine. Melee Krieg definitely is worst off against the flying enemies (which happen to be more of the stronger ones it felt) than the gun one, But the melee can crowd clear a lot faster in the DLC than hellborne.
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