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User Info: paulacullen71

4 years ago#1
I'd like to start this thread as a list of willing XBL players willing to do any variety of things in Borderlands 2.

a heinous load

We play at least three times a week, times vary. If you're interested, add us and your name to the list. Happy Hunting.

User Info: Brad_Wong

4 years ago#2
Solbadguy 666 I can help with just about anything.( raid bosses im not too sure since ive only fought pete and never did well with most of the others ) im on most of the time

I have a lvl 61 commando and thats it for now hoping to get more maxed out may ask help with those characters mainly with getting through normal and tvhm so i can have uvhm open .
GT: solbadguy 666

User Info: BowserZero

4 years ago#3
Can help with Story, DLC, dupes, and just overall playing.
If you need a partner, why not buddy up with a koopa!?
- - Loyalty to the Blade >
Gamertag: BowserZero

User Info: Stasiss13

4 years ago#4
Stas1ss 462

I have several mid 50's as well a few lower levels. Have all the DLC and willing to help out on pretty much anything. Even though I might not have the most amazing equipment I've logged quite a few hours and know how to play

User Info: gtoor14

4 years ago#5
gt: TheBeardedOne79

have a 57 siren

58 gunzerker

low lvl 30 assassin and commando

might start a new mechro or kreig character.
Texas Longhorns 9-4..............49ers 11-4-1
PSN: gooftroop79........Gamertag: TheBeardedOne79.............Steam:TheBeardedone79

User Info: Brad_Wong

4 years ago#6
Sticky requested please .
GT: solbadguy 666

User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#7
BowserZero posted...
Can help with Story, DLC, dupes, and just overall playing.
If you need a partner, why not buddy up with a koopa!?

lol don't play with this guy. he sucks. gets insta-killed by someone jumping on him.
http://i.imgur.com/qfsbZAm.png -- GT: Gears of Wario
Now Playing: Borderlands 2/Battleblock Theater/Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

User Info: Oblivion_Slayer

4 years ago#8
GT: El Vendetto.

Can help with whatever, or even start a new character. Just grabbed Krieg and haven't jumped in as him yet.
fenekken is the btes pokrrmon

User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#9
I'm going to do what we did in ME3 and make a BL2GameFAQs account on Xbox, and then add everyone in this list. Then if you are looking for players, you just go to this account and look in the friends list and invite people. It's really simple.
XBL:ArsenalofGlory | PSN: Nafzger

User Info: RepTaR_ThE_DiNo

4 years ago#10
Only a level 50 Zero, and won't be able to play this as much as I want to. But this does sound pretty interesting. Sign me up if you want.
XbL GT: PresentBox, FC: 3652-0733-2287
Steam: Reptar The Dino
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