Lv50 Conference Call

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User Info: Raziel689

4 years ago#1
What is the general damage a Lv50 Conference call has on the weapon? Curious because I screwed up on farming The Warrior for one, don't quite have the free time to farm forever to get it so I'm going to use a gibbed file editor to create one, but I'm not trying to make an OMGWDFBBQ Rapetastic OP weapon. Just what a Lv50 should have.

User Info: doreycole

4 years ago#2
I have these ones:

Social (no element): 5788x5
Critical (Slag): 5705x5
Scalable (Corrosive): 5707x5
Scalable (Fire): 5436x5
GT: doreycole
NIghtRanger man, Night...Ranger
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