Plasma Casters and the Yellow Jacket

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User Info: coachabs

4 years ago#1
Hey everyone. I am looking for a little help with a mechromancer build. I am trying to do an all e-tech elemental build with my mechromancer so I would like to see if anyone would be willing to dupe some plasma casters and e-tech rockets for me. Item number 1 I would like to get would be the Yellow Jacket SMG.

So in all I need the following:

All at lvl 61
Plasma Casters
E-tech Rockets
Yellow Jacket SMG

I have a bunch of legendaries-many more than I could post here, to dupe in return, including all the items from the new DLC. But since I seem to be a legendary/seraph whore, I never kept my e-tech stuff. If you are willing to help let me know. I won't be on until around 10 p.m. est or so. Message me on here or on live GT: He Man64 .

Short list of what I have-all level 61
All norfleets
Eviscerating Rubi (slag/shock)
Potent Rubi
Stalker (slag/fire)
Sham 94%
FotF 366k nova
Gentle Blockhead
and many more including some new DLC class mods

Thanks in advance.

User Info: P3nPaal

4 years ago#2
Is your firehawk regular or inflammable? Because I've got an abundance of plasma casters you can look at.
GT: P3NyaaH

User Info: coachabs

4 years ago#3
It's regular inflammable doesn't work for my psycho build

User Info: Marsillio

4 years ago#4
Yellow Jacket sucks. When you fire it the bullets kinda hang in the air for a second or two before going forward.
Capcom won't see another damn cent from me until Mega Man Legends 3 is released.
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