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User Info: Cecil

4 years ago#11
lengthycobra69 posted...
Cecil posted...
Gaige isn't the easiest in the game to solo, that honor goes to Sal and Krieg, however between Maya and Gaige the easier would be the mecromancer, however I got Gaige to lvl 51 and got bored(no offense Gaige players) however I still play my lvl 61 Siren today, to me she is the more fun of the two.

perhaps at 51 or higher but I been playing this game since release and have never died as much as I do with Krieg lol. I enter torgue dlc and can take on the bad t rex with my dt at 30. With krieg I lost count of how many times I died fighting that and motor momma etc. Same as sal. I'm leveling maya and my buddy has sal at 47 and he was getting downed constantly last night even fighting bloodwing.

Nothing like a robot being a constant tank and I beat the warrior on TVHM simply because DT would kill raks only. So each time the warrior would down me, half a second I got second wind because of DT killing raks. He had over 120 stacks lol on his ability. Only person i really see coming close to her is axton because that turret is epic

Hmm sounds like you haven't ran Sal with a DPUH, Rubi/Grog nozzle combo with the rough rider shield and chaotic evil monk class mod...look at the board, there is a reason people are asking for these things. You can solo any raid boss and run through any part of the game with relative ease. Not saying anything bad about Gaige but you will find few people that find her more powerful than the gunzerker.

User Info: lengthycobra69

4 years ago#12
In terms of flat out power. I wouldn't doubt Sal can do the most damage. No other character is shooting 2 guns at one time. Even with Gaige stacking anarchy, you suffer from accuracy loss. Again this game seems situational based. I am sure on certain raid bosses sal has the edge and certain bosses she does. To me in comes down to adds. If someone gets downed at anytime during a boss fight and said boss has no adds, your done simple.

As in the Bad T-rex, once your down, that's it. You have to drop that and Piston. With her, DT tanks the Rex the entire fight while I'm shooting it in the back. I know the warrior again Sal will have to be killing raks to get a second wind up. Terra wouldn't be an issue due to his tentacles, Pyro Pete DT tanks him again.

For me I always liked her not because she hit the hardest, because it felt like when your playing Solo you have a partner. On top of every time you get downed, it's a guaranteed second wind.
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