400 points.. which DLC to get?

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User Info: xChaos001

4 years ago#1
Which to get ?

User Info: gunsndroses

4 years ago#2
Psycho or Tina
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User Info: soulesslaplace

4 years ago#3
Tiny tinas
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User Info: Blade_Of_Ice

4 years ago#4
is tina's dlc actually on sale already?

If not TORGUE!!!!!! sorry for the caps and !'s but you gotta do it like that when mentioning TORGUE!!!!

User Info: TheBeastWithin

4 years ago#5
Tina isn't on sale. Most people like Torgue. Scarlett is ok if that appeals to you more. Big Game Hunt is not good.
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User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#6
"Numbers, numbers, math, math, math"

Get Gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiige. Or die wondering.
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User Info: EX_Koakuma

4 years ago#7
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who likes Big Game Hunt.

User Info: Cecil

4 years ago#8
Tourge for sure

User Info: xChaos001

4 years ago#9
Oh forgot to say I have both Krieg and Gaige. So I guess out of the DLC excluding Tiny as I believe it is 800 still. I also have ultimate Vault Hunter. Bought a 1600 point card, had the misfortune of buying the Psycho when he was 800 literally right before he went on sale. So I used 400 to buy the mechro and already had UVHM from befoee.

User Info: XY12Burnz

4 years ago#10
Out of the first three, Pirates is my fav so far.
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