400 points.. which DLC to get?

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User Info: jagddorsa

4 years ago#11
I'd also like to get one or two of the DLC packs while they're on sale. I picked up the Mechromancer last night. From what I'm seeing, the consensus is that Torgue's campaign is the best quest that's on sale, and Hammerlock's is the worst.

What about the Ultimate Vault Hunter pack and the Creature Dome? Are these worth 200 points each? I was thinking of getting these two plus Torgue. Or would it be better just to get Tiny Tina's quest and forget the on-sale stuff?

User Info: Tech9

4 years ago#12
bump. last day for sale and would like more opinions on the above.

User Info: DigiDude77

4 years ago#13
Keep in mind for new characters:

Oasis (Scarlet) and Torgue (BA Crater) start at level 15 and scale up to 35.
Whereas Hammerlock starts at level 30 and scales up to 35. (As does Tiny Tina, but that's not on sale).

Personally? I like Oasis. The cursed Shotgun (Orphan Maker) is incredible, even if it's only rare quality.) I also prefer the pirate heads to the biker heads.

I haven't touched Hammerlock's hunt yet though. My sister hates it though.

For max level characters, I believe most people tend to like Torque or Scarlett. They have different pros and different cons.
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  3. 400 points.. which DLC to get?

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