Borderlands 3?

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User Info: PearPeesure

4 years ago#1
If they DO make number 3, what would be something you want to change, or stay the same? Personally, I really want to see some more exploration and better drop rates, so people will actually want to attempt to get the weapon, not beg.
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User Info: Blade_Of_Ice

4 years ago#2
- If its still set on pandora more Moxxie Tina and Mr Torgue they would make such a happy family XD
- More enemie varients
- More area quests, always pissed me off that once you complete the immediate quests in an area there is no reason to go back to it again, would love it if after u beat the game instead of just a raid boss they give you like 20 or so quests for s*** that happened as a result of the ending.

User Info: lCodebreakerl

4 years ago#3
Definately better drop rates. I hate to spend days farming a boss and saving/quitting or leaving/returning for items. I dont mind doing it as its part of the game but doing it for days and getting nothing is tedious and boring.

Also if they do in make a third, id like to see Tiny Tina as a playable character. Based around explosions and general insanity. Like Krieg. Love krieg, wish there was more story for him besides a 3 minute video.
GT: l Back Breakerl

User Info: DigiDude77

4 years ago#4
All 4 weapon slots unlocked from the beginning. "Oh, by the way, Vault Hunter, who is supposed to be an amazing fighter, YOU CAN HOLD A WEAPON ON YOUR BACK!" "Gee, thanks, I NEVER would have thought of that!"

And a new type of grenade mod that when you use a grenade, it replaces the next bullet you shoot that hits an enemy. You do normal gun damage, but you also launch the grenade so it explodes as soon as the enemy is hit.
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User Info: oZ0NED_0UTo

4 years ago#5
Gameplay wise, I'm pretty happy with. Maybe the ability to dodge around like the marauders do and better drop rates. An optional 3rd person perspective would be nice too imo.
GT: oZ0NED 0UTo (the 0's are zeroes)

User Info: RICKmT3

4 years ago#6
Well to me, BL2 fixed everything I disliked about the first one. Maybe even add a "pvp element" to the game by bringing back the arena areas and giving us rewards for winning matches. The only major change I would like to see is the numbers drop down to a somewhat reasonable level. It feels silly seeing the huge damage numbers and giant health pools compared to first game.

User Info: Shadows_Of_Fall

4 years ago#7
BL2 is almost perfect for me. Auto-pick up Eridium I suppose?

More heads?

Maybe a new manufacturer or two?

Oh. I do know one, MOAR VEHICLES. MOAR I SAY. Also, party/group vehicles. Like a 4-person vehicle, with actual things for four people. Not just 1 driver, 1 gunner and 2 sitting in the back. I'm talking a fricking tank. Or something. I just want one T_T

And, similar to what they did in Borderlands 2, new interesting and fun characters to play as/meet in world.
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User Info: icarax24

4 years ago#8
No return for the Flakker please.
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User Info: LordRaviel

4 years ago#9
The scaling system needs a change. The current system of scaling players and enemies at differeing exponential rates with a fairly low bonus linear skill system results in gear that is reliant on stats that do scale getting exponentially weaker with levels. This makes it pretty much impossible to balance most gear across all 61 levels. A fact most people have probably noticed with things like Snipers, Shields and a lot of fixed damage skills such as Maya's Cataclysm tree being usable at low levels but either flat out weak or requiring some highly specialised and situational setup to get much out of them at higher levels.
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User Info: Pensato

4 years ago#10
Someone other than Gearbox developing the game...
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