Epic trade/give away thread.

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User Info: Nobu_Moomoo

4 years ago#1
I've recently come back to this and and people have helped me get a new inventory for lvl 61 characters and now I wish to help out the community in return.

-you do NOT have to trade, but if you have something I don't post I would appreciate a dupe of it.
-be in sanctuary and I will dupe my inventory on all six characters for you.
-be patient if I can't get to you quickly.
-post in this board confirming that I am legit.
-message me on Xbox as well so that I will have your gt.

Items available: (all lvl 61 unless stated otherwise)
-hefty baby maker
-skookum cobra
-practicable conference call (fire)
-loaded Maggie
-alkaline the bee
-homing fire bee (50 and 61)
-blood of the ancients
-legendary class mods (all)
-guaranteed baby maker (corrosive)
-purging infinity
-double penetrating unkempt Harold
-skookum skullmasher
-slippery ogre
-ferocious kitten (fire)
-corrosive sand hawk
-incendiary sand hawk
-sapping sand hawk
-sticky homing meteor shower
-hide of terra
-inflammable the bee
-puissant norfleet (shock)
-rabid shredifier (corrosive)
-puissant norfleet (fire)
-gromky white death (corrosive)
-rolling thunder
-chain lightning
-fire storm
-magic missile
-alkaline hide of terra
-alkaline impaler
-the sham
-all tiny Tina heads and skins (note psycho skin is glitched, advised not to wear once redeemed)
-blast proof the bee
-black hole
-blast proof deadly bloom
-love thumper
-gunstock unforgiven
-resolute shredifier (fire)
-casual swordsplosion
-hot kitten
-redundant fibber
-rustler's twister
-binary rubi (corrosive)
-evisceration rubi (slag)
-mysterious amulet
-new and improved omen
-vengeful infinity
-vitality relic
-boosh a error message error message
-impetuous florentine (slag)
-practicable butcher (slag, shock, fire)
-puissant norfleet (slag, shock, corrosive, fire)
-vengeful infinity (fire, shock, corrosive)
-stopping sand hawk (slag, corrosive, shock)
-captain Scarlett's sand hawk
-chaotic evil class mod
-rough rider
-all non dlc heads for original four vault hunters
-dastardly Maggie (50)
-brisk baby maker (50)
-skookum skullmasher (50)
-purging infinity (50)
-alkaline the bee (50)
-legendary siren class mod (50)
-perma sharp baby maker (fire, bladed)
-unending infinity
-practicable conference call (corrosive, slag)
-brisk baby maker
-razrez white death (corrosive)
-dastardly Maggie
-two fer Maggie
-pertinent pyrophobia
-zammechat white death (corrosive)
-caustic infinity
-venture longbow
-severe kitten (corrosive)
-sheriff's badge
-rolling thunder
-sticky longbow bonus package
-the bee
-blood of terra (50)
-homing bonus package
-expansive shredifier (50)
-legendary mechro class mod (50)
-contingent longbow (50)
-practicable conference call (50)
-consummate hellfire (50)
-white death (50)
-potential conference call (50)
-patrol veruc (50)
-rustler's striker (50)
-slayer of terra mechro class mod (50)
-all Gaige heads minus dlc
-hide of terra (50)
-black hole (50)
-inflammable the bee (50)
Gt: Nobutada Moomoo

User Info: Nobu_Moomoo

4 years ago#2
Some items may be posted twice due to multiple characters or different stats.
Gt: Nobutada Moomoo

User Info: wablo

4 years ago#3
Hey bro if this I going on still im on. GT WabloI (Its a capital I at the end not a l)
So, Mass Effect 3?

User Info: darknessturbo8

4 years ago#4
Nobu_Moomoo posted...
Some items may be posted twice due to multiple characters or different stats.

Mechro heads and what not. I'm interested if you're still around. I just lost most of my heads/skins.

User Info: Irvine Tomoe

Irvine Tomoe
4 years ago#5
Do you have any Dahl Efficiency skins?
Pokemon White Friendcode - 2193-7011-1635

User Info: Nobu_Moomoo

4 years ago#6
Note: I will not be checking this board frequently, so it will be quicker to message me on Xbox. If you want something specific and it is not listed the. I do not have it at this current time. I will post this board again and update within 2-3 days.
Gt: Nobutada Moomoo

User Info: BaconStrips52

4 years ago#7
I don't have time to play video games. Because I'm busy doing the horse dance. -PSY
GT: BaconStrips52

User Info: Geara_Doga_Kai

4 years ago#8
L/F Digitized Death and XXX head mods for Gaige

GT; DomFunf

Sorry sent friend request ahead of schedule

User Info: Nobu_Moomoo

4 years ago#9
Another note:
If someone joins in the game and if attempts to save, you will lose any of the characters inventories I haven't duped for you. All my saves are backed up so I won't lose anything but it will forfeit your right to collect from me.
Gt: Nobutada Moomoo

User Info: krakos000

4 years ago#10
i just sent ya a message
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