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User Info: AdvisoryOak

4 years ago#1
I'm attempting to get a hell born/bloodlust psycho through uvhm, and am currently stuck at bloodwing at level 57. If anybody could help make uvhm a little easier it'd be appreciated because not all of my gear is great and its starting to get frustrating.
GT: AdvisoryOak

User Info: DJ_4L

4 years ago#2
I have a 61 commando that i could try to help you with. Just shoot me a message over xbl
Gt: AnimalMother13

User Info: LCx_spanner

4 years ago#3
level 61 siren need help knock me up a message!
GT: LCx spanner

User Info: xboxBUNZILLA

4 years ago#4
If Tc is having trouble with lvl 57 enemies, what makes yall think he will have better luck against lvl 61s?
I know yall are trying to help but all he's going to do is stand around while yall kill everything. :/
Some of yall have as much of an opinion as inanimate objects.

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