Little help Leveling

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User Info: megaman91985

4 years ago#11
Sorry guys it's 2:00am here got to go to sleep.
Amy Anderson/Ami Mizuno lover! ^_^
GT: MegamanNT19

User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
4 years ago#12
I can't seem to get to sleep, so if you guys want to chat while I level you until I fall asleep, I can help out. No idea how long till exhaustion sets in though. Let me know if you guys still need it.

User Info: Realathlete

4 years ago#13
I wouldn't mind jumping in if you're helping level people man, could do with going from 51 - 61 on this character if you have room for me?

User Info: xxxthetoadxxx

4 years ago#14
Anyone doing this now?
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2 & Halo 4.
GT: xxxthetoadxxx

User Info: Travisclees

4 years ago#15
i have a 44 axton that could use a little help. TVHM is way to hard for him to solo. i play nights after 7pm PST

GT: Travisclees
I deal with the absurdity of existence by shoving absurdity down existence's throat.
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