LF a few items at Lvl 61

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User Info: ace_thats_all

4 years ago#1
Dastardly Maggie
Rough rider shield
Deliverance (fire, shock, or normal)
Striker (preferably Doc's)
Legendary siren with cool down higher than 45

I can offer these items and also pinks and e techs if desired:
Flame of fire hawk
The bee
Fabled tortoise
The cradle

Relics and grenades:
Blood of terra
Blood of the ancients
Bone of the ancients
Rubberized electric leech
Sticky homing electric leech
Shock fastball
Sticky longbow quasar
Longbow storm front
Explosive nasty surprise
Homing bonus package

Floated hornet
Twin hornet
Prudential pyro phobia
Gaa dunk nukam
Action Logan's gun
Rapid infinity
Desperate flakkar
Stiff unkempt Harold
Rigorous kerblaster
Proactive bit (slag)
Sledge's shotgun (corrosive)
Conferance call (normal and shock)
Binary thunder ball fist
Baby maker (shock, normal)
Deliverance (slag, corrosive)
Big badaboom

Mod weapons
rocket launcher:
2,284,994 x 7 damage
Infinite ammo

Bee shield:
475,810 capacity
0.74 recharge rate
+703,341 amp shot damage

If anyone is interested in trading my gamer tag is: aquarianace
GT: aquarianace
I swear to god I had something for this.

User Info: Jaredloschke

4 years ago#2
iv got a rough rider for you. DOCTERMAX is my gt im on now

User Info: Cabinutz

4 years ago#3
send me a message. def got a slagga for you, might have some other stuff as well.
PSN - Cabinutz
Gamertag - Cabinutz
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