Did they change TVHM?

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User Info: DigiDude77

4 years ago#1
Long story short, started new game with sister a bit ago. We finally finished the story after doing all the DLCs, and decided to continue into TVHM. She had done it before with her boyfriend, and she said they were murdered by Knuckledragger when they did it.

We got there, we one-shot all of the Bullymongs prior to him, and when we got to him, I phaselocked him, and he died before phaselock was over.

Did they change TVHM or something? She's not even sure what's going on. We're getting pretty insane exp too. We started at 36 and ended up gaining an entire level (the bar ended at the same place it started, just in the next level) just getting to the point of turning on the power in Liarsburg.
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User Info: TheLast0neAlive

4 years ago#2
Sounds about right. The only thing I know of that was changed is if you have the UVHM pack, DLC raid bosses no longer drop Seraph crystals. Aside from that I don't think anything was changed.
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