Best Setup for Gunzerker?

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User Info: Kosmo240985

4 years ago#1
What's the best gun/shield set up for a gunzerker?

I want to farm this weekend, but i want to focus on the best for a gunzerker so I can help other friends farm.
GT: Kozzie85

User Info: krakos000

4 years ago#2
Dpuh/rubi and rough rider. With a moneyshot build

User Info: ToughGuy5394

4 years ago#3
Slagga plus anything else that's legendary
I like conference calls
Sham 94%
Monk, legendary berserker, or hoarder with a group
Anything really
Whatever works with ur gear...sherrif badge
I use health relic
GT: Gears of Love96

User Info: ace_thats_all

4 years ago#4
Slag deliverance/ deliverance
Deputy's badge
Any class mod is fine,mbut one with the "all in the reflexes" skill makes it a little better.
"keep firing" skill

This is my favorite build. All you have is shot and keep reloading.
GT: aquarianace
I swear to god I had something for this.

User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#5
Money shot/Inconceivable with Twisters.

That's how I Sal.
Spiral Out...

User Info: Kosmo240985

4 years ago#6
damn....seems like everyone has their own build lmao
GT: Kozzie85

User Info: Cecil

4 years ago#7
Most damaging build is a pistol speck with money shot, evil monk mod, sherrifs badge, rough rider, rubi/DPUH
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