Any level 61 inf pistols, CCs, or Norfleets willing to dupe

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User Info: Chewywon4ya

4 years ago#1
Hey GameFaqers. So, I have a sad story to tell. I beat TVHM recently and by some stroke of luck, on the first try of farming, I landed a conference call. I was using a method where I saved once the warrior was down for the moonshot. Then using a 2nd controller, I went to press the moonshot with the second player. lo and MF'n behold, the CC shot right out on the first try. well, being a complete noob, I immediately freaked when I saw the CC and ran over to pick it up w the first player, my level 61. I should have just saved then and there and quit farming, but no, I was excited so I exited/saved my second player and quit with my first.... (Notice my mistake there?) All the meanwhile, I was thinking to myself "holy crap! Conf. call, baby!!!" As you may realize now as I did about 1 minute later, I totally screwed myself.
Anyway, right now I'm playing UVHM and have a lvl 61 pearlescent smg and sniper, a level 52 or 53 casual swordsplosion, a level 52 or 53 infinity pistol, and a crap ton of ancient relics to trade. I just really want that CC or something else Ive been breaking my fingers to get, like a higher level infinity, or a norfleet. If interested, I'm willing to dupe (even tho I've never done it). My gamer tag is Chewywon4ya on the Xbox360. Thanks for reading my sob story!

User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#2
XBOX GT: illbzo1 3DS FC: 2750 - 2544 - 5832
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User Info: doughnutman

4 years ago#3
I'd do all of it for a max nova flame of the firehawk.
Gamertag: ArsenicJoker

User Info: fffez

4 years ago#4
i'll help you out man, i got stuff i'm not using...let me know what you need, i'm fairly certain i have it.
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  3. Any level 61 inf pistols, CCs, or Norfleets willing to dupe

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