If you're having trouble finding loot solo...

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User Info: RineN1

4 years ago#12
Pryorbeast posted...
I.... I don't follow. Can i get a step by step?

Hm...its pretty easy actually! Go to gate of the raid boss (Gee or Hyperious) and touch it.
The game will then switch like if there was a 4 players group. You can tell it worked if you can pick ammo even though you are full.
Proceed to farm as you like, i believe it even raises the chance to spawn Vermi.
If it didnt work, then open the gate and walk a bit inside the arena and check again
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User Info: Mr__GTA

4 years ago#13
Bellethor posted...
Yes but I find Master Gee to be the easiest to get to because you don't have to spend anything and he's really quick to get too (unless you have Rockos Modern Strife but you'll still have to spend Eridium)

I guarantee that it does not work for Terramorphous.
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