Giveaway - 400+ Weapons and Items

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User Info: Allyo91

3 years ago#21
Invite me again please
GT Steveythepirate

User Info: PRE5K

3 years ago#22
GT pre5k777 thank you

User Info: CorpseofSynch

3 years ago#23
Connection failed. Lame. I hate you charter.
I swing round, ring out, and bring down the tyrant.

User Info: Bellethor

3 years ago#24
could use an explosive relic

GT Greciler
Pokemon White FC: 4170-4725-7749

User Info: 16bitweapon

3 years ago#25

2 people have had problems connecting. 2 others didn't respond. Wes Hardy7 just joined. After this I have to leave. But tomorrow I will finish going through the list of people who have already posted above this comment. I will make a new topic and do this again early next week.

User Info: BoxTheMuppet

3 years ago#26
Crazy expansive inventory and an all around good dude.
#1 at absolutely nothing!

User Info: SixString_Fury

3 years ago#27
bummer i was really hoping to get a sand hawk. i wont be able to be online tomorrow =(

User Info: Gerrod07

3 years ago#28
GT: Gerrod0722

User Info: IcrossfireI

3 years ago#29
I can give you every type of sandhawk......... if you still want
cR Crossfire

User Info: IcrossfireI

3 years ago#30
GT-Elitist Fours
cR Crossfire
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