trying to farm pyro but....

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  3. trying to farm pyro but....

User Info: EX_Koakuma

4 years ago#11
Master_Norris69 posted...
Ughh i hate fighting pyro...always sending my crit rockets back at my face with the freaking air blast!

Switch to the shotgun, dummy.

User Info: SW1FT_AcTi0nz

4 years ago#12
This seriously hasn't happened to you guys? I thought it happened to everyone. Sometimes when you summon Pete he doesn't jump down from his ledge and just stands there, but like you guys said it's easier just to kill yourself with the elevator after you kill him rather than leave and come back.
"Well, it was nice knowing ya! I hear getting eaten alive by Bullymongs isn't such a bad way to go."-Claptrap
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  3. trying to farm pyro but....

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