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User Info: 16bitweapon

4 years ago#1
What this game needs in order to make random online play bearable:

(x) Host Only
( ) Anyone

Accept Missions
(x) Host Only
( ) Anyone

Turn In Missions
(x) Host Only
( ) Anyone

(x) Host Only
( ) Anyone

( ) Always
(x) Only in Combat

Allow Guests To Open
[ ] All Containers
[x] Ammunition Chest
[x] Lock Boxes and Safes
[x] Mail Boxes
[x] Lockers
[x] Dryers/Washing Machine
[x] Fridge
[x] Dumpsters
[x] Toilet
[x] Skag/Trash Pile
[ ] Green Gear Chests
[ ] Red Gear Chests

Allow Guests To Grab Items
[ ] All Items
[x] White
[x] Green
[x] Blue
[x] Purple
[x] Magenta
[ ] Legendary
[ ] Seraph
[ ] Pearlescent

User Info: SilentDespair

4 years ago#2
I only agree with 2 and 3.

User Info: kmaldingone

4 years ago#3
I honestly believe this game already has the best host options, the option to remove someone.
GT: Kmalding1045

User Info: FrEshBrEadStiCk

4 years ago#4
Why would you ever want to disable sprinting? Some parts of the world already take long enough to traverse. I don't need to be restricted to a snail's pace.
Speed is relative. Floor it.

User Info: RogsR34UK

4 years ago#5
Ther definitely ought to be an option to allow only the host to accept and hadn in missions. When I first got the game I played co-op and the mission where you need to hand the Eridium to Tannis got glitched by someone and I could not hand it in. Eventually did a split screen with an offline account which I took to Sanctuary and joined with my glitched character to get the mission completed successfully.

Not playing with randoms does at least help in terms of other players grabbing all the good loot.
PSN & Gamertag - RogsR34UK

User Info: PDGMTG

4 years ago#6
FrEshBrEadStiCk posted...
Why would you ever want to disable sprinting? Some parts of the world already take long enough to traverse. I don't need to be restricted to a snail's pace.

That post really goes well with your signature...

I don't really agree with any of this. All this does is make it "Bearable" for the host, and pointless for anyone else. I mean, how selfish must you be to prevent people other than you from picking up high level items? Believe me, I'm just as frustrated as you surely are by randoms simply grabbing anything at a blue level rarity or higher, but this is not a good solution, as you're just setting the host up to have free reign to do just that without any worry of competition.

It drives me nuts when people just grab up the high level items without even looking at it, because half the time I know they either already have something better, or they're not even going to use it for one reason or another. I always leave something laying unless I see that I want it, or it's obvious no one else does. This is also why I play with friends, so that if we do get nice loot I know that it's not going to be an unfair decision on who gets what.
-Just Some Random

User Info: bcon1208

4 years ago#7
Disable sprinting? Are you serious? Play alone then
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User Info: RazielParadox

4 years ago#8
No one would bother playing with anyone else and it would defeat the purpose of playing a coop game. If you need your rules to be this strict then play alone or only with people you know. You can usually spot the troublemakers once they come into your lobby, just kick them early and you'll be fine. If not, go play something else if playing with other people is so unbearable.
The Eternal Eclipse. GT Eclipse Aeterna

User Info: Dreadsword101

4 years ago#9
Hmm... I smell... intentional provocation


User Info: RazielParadox

4 years ago#10
Dreadsword101 posted...
Hmm... I smell... intentional provocation


I know not what you speak of, sir.
The Eternal Eclipse. GT Eclipse Aeterna

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