Dragon Keep unused dialog *spoilers maybe*

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User Info: CykloneTiger

4 years ago#1
I like what I do, I do what I like
I can quit and get it back like I'm ridin' a bike

User Info: Seiichi Omori

Seiichi Omori
4 years ago#2
poor Mordecai

User Info: Marsillio

4 years ago#3
Thanks for posting this.
Capcom won't see another damn cent from me until Mega Man Legends 3 is released.

User Info: Lahar

4 years ago#4
Why is Zer0's voice like that? Is it something about third person? It was like that in the beginning of the wimoweh trailer.

Also the hiccups and Crit-dropping lines are still in the game.
I said runt.
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  3. Dragon Keep unused dialog *spoilers maybe*

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