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User Info: dingy3434

3 years ago#1
i have a level 61 shock infinity pistol i would be willing to trade for a level 59-61 alkine or inflammable bee shield anyone interested please let me know

User Info: monster138

3 years ago#2
Got both, you can have 'em.
Pm'n my GT. msg me and ill hit you up when on.
I use my phone alot to check live, so might jump on early to drop, otherwise won't be on till late west coast time
"Repent, Harlequin!"
Said the Ticktockman

User Info: 7alentine

3 years ago#3
I don't have an alkaline bee, but I do have a 61 Bee and a bunch of other legendaries and pearls. I'll dupe you anything you want if you dupe me the Infinity?
SS FC: 0646 8625 1232 ( Leo )
White FC: 2107 8643 1226 ( Spencer )
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