Question(s) about the new legendary class mods.

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User Info: _cellardoor

4 years ago#1
Recently purchased the new level cap upgrade, also have the first one too, was wondering if the new class mods can drop at level 61-72, or are they exclusive to level 72 and the op levels? I've seen a few threads here and there claiming level 64, 66 versions, but nothing super solid. Also, are chubby/tubby enemies common at level 61? I'm having trouble spawning one and don't feel like using the gee glitch.

User Info: xliner

4 years ago#2
They can drop at any level, as far as I know.
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User Info: Gnilpmud

4 years ago#3
I've come across three chubby/tubby enemies since the last update, one was lvl 10 chubby skag (using a new character, playing solo) right outside of Doc Mercy's, the other two were lvl 50-57 varkids, one chubby popped out of the garbage truck at the beginning of Caustic Caverns and a tubby varkid spawned randomly in the Tundra Express area, both while playing online with 3 randoms.
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User Info: DigiDude77

4 years ago#4
I have a level 62 Legendary Cat Mod.
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  3. Question(s) about the new legendary class mods.

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