What Have You Done?

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User Info: NinjaYuffie164

4 years ago#1
Its not a competition, but what are your loot hunt stats? The rules are simple, you can't post your stats for a particular target until it's completely over. That means wait until the next day to post that days kill count. I'll start even though mine arent impressive:

BA Mauraders: 4
Bullymong Slingers: 21

User Info: 8luedevil

4 years ago#2
I like your idea.

5 BA marauders
0 Bullymong Slingers (goal was already reached by the time I got on)
Don't trust atoms, they make up everything.

User Info: stickboy2323

4 years ago#3
BA Marauders: 4 (had to go to work, challenge done by the time I got home)
Slingers: 34 (same as above)
BA Rakk: 124 (farmed off and on all day. pretty sure I'm not getting credit for at least 20 or so kills, done for the night though)
Badass Rank: 15

User Info: genesis42

4 years ago#4
BA Marauders: 0
Slingers: 0
BA Rakk: 0

However, I do appreciate the work you slave workers are putting in for me :)
GT: SevenDeadIySin

User Info: Ultimaphazon

4 years ago#5
BA Marauders: 0
Slingers: 0
BA Rakk: 0

I would actually like to help, but sadly non-US players can't contribute.
I may be the number 2 Expert for CB9, but I'm no match for Raytan, the number 1 Guru

User Info: TheBiggerWiggle

4 years ago#6
BA Marauders: 0
Slingers: 0
BA Rakk: 0

Shift's website wont accept any password I use, and won't let me change it either. Therefore I can't register. I've also been waiting three days to hear back from customer support.
GT: NullThought
Get a ham sandwich and call me in the morning bro. It's alright.

User Info: malcolm913

4 years ago#7
BA Marauders: 0
Slingers: 0
BA Rakk: 1

One BA Rakk last night. I've been working a lot.
GT: malcolm913

User Info: doreycole

4 years ago#8
BA Marauders: 230
Bullymong Slingers: 240
BA Rakk: 62
GT: doreycole
NIghtRanger man, Night...Ranger

User Info: sikboyj

4 years ago#9
Xbox360 GT: PrisonedJASON

User Info: NinjaYuffie164

4 years ago#10
Updating mine to include:

BA Rakk:13
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