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Evisceration (Melee) Grog Nozzle?

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  3. Evisceration (Melee) Grog Nozzle?

User Info: Ghost800

3 years ago#1
Okay since today's drop is the grog nozzle I figured I would farm it until I got one with the blade attachment for my melee Zer0.

Three hours later and I still haven't seen one. I know people were using save editors to get them before, but is it possible to get that combination legitimately?

I'm ready to give up, but I don't want to miss my only chance to get it. I even switched to farming on TVHM so I could go through it faster since gun stats don't matter when it comes to melee.

PSN/GT: MrGhoster

User Info: FullMetalMega

3 years ago#2
Yea, the first one I got today had a blade on it. Didn't keep it though.
GT: Dark Guardian88
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User Info: Ghost800

3 years ago#3
Alright, thank you very much.
PSN/GT: MrGhoster

User Info: Knuls

3 years ago#4
Same here. I've gotten almost every other variation of the grog this afternoon.

User Info: Ghost800

3 years ago#5
Hurrah, 6.5 hours of farming and I finally get one.
PSN/GT: MrGhoster

User Info: codehunter87

3 years ago#6
First one I got today was a bladed level 72 Grog Nozzle. I was going to farm for two (One for a friend who hasn't had access to the game lately), but after a few runs trying to farm Gold Golem, having to go from the beginning of the map all the way to him just to fight him once...I got bored and decided I'll just dupe it for him.

As such, I happen to have an Evisceration Grog Nozzle for duping. I know some people balk at getting a duped item, but with how many save-modded Grog nozzles were running around prior to today, I hardly think being duped an otherwise legit version is that big a deal.
GT Forte Baroque

User Info: CoolBeansAvi

3 years ago#7
I was gonna farm for a bladed one but I got bored.
Hey kiddies
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  3. Evisceration (Melee) Grog Nozzle?

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