60+ Infinity Pistol/Conference Call Dupe *Xbox*

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User Info: 1lonelycat

4 years ago#1
Hi all,

I am looking for someone do dupe a 60+ corrosive infinity pistol, and a corrosive and or fire conference call.

Here's what i have to trade:

66 practicable conference call (no flavor)
66 restructuring conference call (electrical)
66 impaler shield (spike damage)
66 casual flakker shotgun (no flavor)
66 fashionable volcano sniper rifle (fire)

I have been farming for days now and the damn infinity pistol has yet to drop and neither has the corrosive/fire conference call and have had enough of farming lol.

If you are interested in trading please PM me, thank you.

User Info: xliner

4 years ago#2
Such a strange level to ask for.
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User Info: TheBiggerWiggle

4 years ago#3
I misread this as him wanting 60 infinity pistols.
GT: NullThought
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  3. 60+ Infinity Pistol/Conference Call Dupe *Xbox*

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