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LF 72 Legendary Soldier mod

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User Info: PDGMTG

3 years ago#1
Been trying to farm Tubby's, but havn't been having any luck spawning any, not to mention getting the mod I'm looking for. Please message me on Live if you are willing to dupe or trade, I'm on now.

GT: Invder

For trade I have (All 72):

Two Fer Maggie
Grog Nozzle
Sandhawk (NE)

The Bee
Rough Rider

Magic Missile x4
Longbow Singularity, 0.0 fuse (Incendiary)

Legendary Binder mod
Breakneck Banshee mod

Bone of the Ancients (Shock and Corrosive)

Thanks for any positive responses.
Thanks for any CLEVER anti-duping comments.
-Just Some Random

User Info: FallenTurtles

3 years ago#2
Is there anything else you're looking for I could try to offer so I can get my hands on that Legendary Binder mod?
Xbox GT: FallenTurtles

User Info: drake_skull

3 years ago#3
Creature Slaughter Dome Round 1 or Caustic Caverns are probably your best bet.
"If your going to ask someone to save the world, make sure they like it the way it is"

User Info: PDGMTG

3 years ago#4
If you message me on Live I can give you a copy the next time we're both on. I've got just about everything I want.

Drake, I have tried every method I assure you. I've even used the gate trick to scale the game to 4 players, and still don't have any luck. I think I'm just stupidly unlucky when it comes to these stupid enemies. :\
-Just Some Random

User Info: Coolsandpiper

3 years ago#5
I have a lvl 72 op8 Legendary Soldier mod I dont want
GT: SkuIImasher
(message deleted)

User Info: PDGMTG

3 years ago#7
Coolsandpiper posted...
I have a lvl 72 op8 Legendary Soldier mod I dont want

Thanks, but I don't have any OP levels, so they don't do me any good. :\
-Just Some Random
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