A Players Guide for levels 1 - 72: Leveling, Loot Tips and possible spoilers V3

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User Info: xliner

3 years ago#1

This is V3 of this guide, V2 hasn't gotten stickied yet, and it's pretty messy.
All credit goes to drake_skull and anyone who helped contribute to the guide in the previous topics.

Section 1A: Levels 1-50.

So to get this out of the way, by far the fastest method to level up to 50 is to just play the game, when you first start just do every single quest you get and go for it. Since I have not done a run with Tina's DLC included with a new character I don't know if it still holds but all 6 of my characters who I did all the quests from Vanilla through Torgues DLC (even Krieg did Hammerlock and was still the same range) ended up level 35-36 at the end of Normal mode. Doing this also lets you plan out what Quest rewards you want to save till 50 so you can get a bit of a leg up on UVHM after TVHM. Even in TVHM its just easier to do the quests to get your levels because you will have to do quests to get through it anyway so why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Section 1B: Loot pre UVHM

As for loot, it's not that important, even though a Legendary rocks everything early on, you don't really need to go get one, but I will offer some places you can chest farm as you progress through the story anyway if you feel the need to.

First chest is in Tundra Express:
From the Entrance follow the left wall through the canyon and jump off the edge, you will land on a stone shelf and if you follow the cliff face (not the one that leads out of the playable area map) you will find a red chest. It has given me quite a bit of good equipment.

Second set of chests are in Arid Nexus Boneyard:
Go past Dr. Zed's old shop, you will see a water tower laying at about a 45 degree angle through the gate heading to Saturn, climb the tower and look to the tall standing tower to see a fuse box that controls the electric field covering Zeds old shop. Shoot it and collect the red chest. Pretty easy, if you hang left you can avoid the skags, but you will have to take out some Junk Loaders.
The next chest is at the same location that had a hidden Claptrap in BL1. Climb the building where the ammo vendor is knocked over, then jump to the rocks.

Third Chest (By far the easiest to farm): Heros Pass.
Proceed to the entrance to the vault, zone (enter the vault zone then back to heros pass), right next to the zone is a chest. Open it and profit.

Fourth Chest (Torgue DLC required):
Once you reach Pyro Pete's Bar and kill him for the first time and get the quest "A Montage" dont leave the bar, instead save and exit and keep taking the elevator up to Moxxi's cell, there are 2 red chests here with little to no resistance to get to them (the Bar patrons will only attack if you provoke them.)

Fifth chest (Torgue DLC required):
Go to the Torgue arena after completing the "Eat Cookies and Crap Thunder" mission, and you will be able to farm 3 chests fairly quickly.

User Info: xliner

3 years ago#2
Section 2: Levels 50-72 (UVHM)

Bar Room Brawl

This is a pretty straightforward objective, kill 5 BA enemies to complete the objective and get the XP. It will yield approx 9777 xp per completion and 20 Torgue Tokens, and the XP from the enemies makes this a good place to farm lots of XP.
You dont really need the ground level in the front of the bar, just head right up the stairs and dont let the Bruisers get you from behind and you should be fine (the back room of the bar does spawn BA's so you do need to go there.)

Death Race

You will want a second controller plugged in and the Afterburner Relic (quest reward from Positive Self Image, a side quest from Ellie.)
Have the second controller stand on the starting line once you proceed to the first checkpoint. As soon as the race is about to start you can start moving your vehicle. Take the shortcuts and it should take about 1 minute 30 seconds to 1 minute 45 seconds per run once you get your path and boost locations down.
This is a very easy place as no enemies need to be killed but you will only be getting 9777 xp and 20 Torgue Tokens per run. But if you just want to kick back and relax its pretty simple once you have the path mastered.

Splinter Group Farming

Once you complete this quest in the Bloodshot Stronghold (I believe you have to defeat Warden and turn in the quest to unlock this quest) you can return to the location inside the dam and fight all 5 of them (Flinter in the back.)
You will have to fight some enemies to get there but each of the 5 members of the group gives you approx. 5k XP per kill, and they all have the chance of dropping the Legendary Storm Front Grenade mod which can come in handy.
To easily get Flinter to spawn after defeating the other members use the following method:

Hit the TV Twice, hit the Wall Switch once and the Floor Switch once. Do not bother with the Pipe switch to the left of the entrance as you dont need it. This method can yeild 25k XP per run and what ever XP from the enemies you fight to get there. Unlike the previous methods there is a chance of a dropped legendary (yes, BA enemies can drop Legendaries but I leveled 3 characters using the brawl from 50 to 61 with only 2 of the same head dropping and nothing higher than a Purple otherwise).

Natural Selection Annex Round 1 (Creature Slaughter Dome DLC)
(This is my personal favorite because of specific enemies that can spawn.)

Warning: Do not complete round one, if you do you should dashboard so it doesn't save (you may have good enemies spawn on later rounds but I don't want to find out.)

Tubbies, Procreators and Rabids all give 5k xp and there will always be at least 1 Procreator in Wave 4, kill that one but leave the other enemies alone unless there is a tubby/chubby. It is fairly quick and easy to kill everything in this arena, spiderants and skags are all you have to deal with in round 1. Rabid Skags are fairly common, they are easy to deal with.
I would recommend Singularity Slag grenades to keep them in place while you pound them with your guns. It's fairly easy and it's even easier if you're playing Krieg and have invested in Bloodlust because often the softer enemies will get taken out by the Bloodsplosion chain(another reason for Singularities.) Once you hit the last wave kill the procreator and then die unless there is a Tubby, you will make more cash than you lose when you die generally.
Once you know where the enemies will enter the map from you can preemptively Singularity them (or your nade of choice) for easy damage.

User Info: xliner

3 years ago#3
BNK-3R Farming

This has several advantages, BNK-3R can drop the Sham Shield, the B**** SMG and a bit of Eridium.
BNK-3R will yield approx 18k-20k XP per kill and has good loot to boot.
A B0re Zer0 can make very short work of him.
He is very easy to kill once you learn his patters, just watch for Trickshot mortars because he can get them in odd places when you are trying to take cover.

Gees Worms/Rakks in the Warrior Vault (pointed out by doughnutman)

Pretty easy kills on enemies that infinity respawn.
Caution, this method may lead to mass boredom.

Mutated Varakids (stickboy2323 contributed this)

You would want to not turn in or collect the glands they drop. This one relies on a bit of luck though because not every Varkid will make a pod, 5k xp per kill though, would be quite efficient if you have the proper gear to easily dispatch them.

Moonshot Method farming the Warrior/Siren Immolate Gee (doughnutman again for this)

I think the fastest way would be Warrior, Moonshot method. I think it's about 80K experience in about a minute or two. Or having a Siren who can Immolate kill Hyperious. You get tons of experience quickly and can usually be repeated every 10-20 seconds, since all you do is walk out and back in and it can be done from the doorway.

I am pretty sure the Moonshot would work but you couldnt really do this solo, you would need a second profile with the Warrior/Moonshot save ready and use the profile you want to level up as the equipment mule role. I have never personally done the Gee thing so I cant offer any details on that.

Jacques O. Lantern in TK Baha's Bloody Harvest. (contributed by Mr__GTA)


User Info: xliner

3 years ago#4
Section 3: Loot at 72(and OP)

At this point it really becomes best to farm the loot you want from the boss that its tied to, using Round 1 of the Slaughter Dome for Tubbies for the new Class mods is fairly efficient and although drops are no longer 100%, Legendary Loot Midget farming can still be somewhat rewarding.
For some of this once your equipment becomes outdated it's best to get new equipment, the easiest method here is simply to drop to Normal and repeat the Bar Room Brawl till you have 613+ Torgue Tokens and then jump back to UVHM and reload till you get a DPUH for easy leveling. Also if you are going to a place like BNK-3R or the Slaugher Dome to powerlevel it's easier to drop back to Normal to make the trip there. And Having a second controller plugged in with even just a guest profile signed in can make things a bit faster because more enemies.

Section 4: Closing

I hope you find this information useful, some of these things I haven't done so I can't offer any useful data on them, but feel free add anything you think I missed or alternate strategies for things I posted.

User Info: illbzo1

3 years ago#5
I really like farming the three chests in the Torgue Arena, and I do a few runs every time I level up.

From the rear entrance, head counter clockwise until you reach a grate in the floor with a button. Step on the button, and drop into the pit below for chest number 1.

Continue counter clockwise and enter the next side room. Chest number 2 is hidden behind some boxes here.

Continue counter clockwise until you reach the two connected side rooms. Chest number 3 is on top of some pipes here.

This run's really quick, and I've pulled a ton of e-techs and good blue / purple gear this way. I've heard you can find legendaries as well, but I haven't seen any yet.

If you've got eridium to burn, the Tiny Tina slot machines in Flamerock Refuge aren't bad, either.
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User Info: macavele

3 years ago#6
sticky requested
" Dibs on the Vaults"

User Info: Shake_Like_E

3 years ago#7
Bump for Sticky
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User Info: PlutoniumMS

3 years ago#8
Great guide. B-B-BUMP FOR STICKY
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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

3 years ago#9
Hey xliner/ drake skull (whoever is editing this these days)

There is another very productive, easy to farm red chest in the vault of the warrior. Worth mentioning for people already farming the heroes pass red chest.

Its the one where you jump down the lava fall before you go down to the warrior arena. (Also a vault symbol there)

Found a video online. Add if you think its worth mentioning

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User Info: fakesnoop77

3 years ago#10
Good job tc but you missed a 3rd chest in the badlands.

Its on top of the motel where saturn spawns. You also get the achievement for opening this chest.

I have farmed the badlands multiple times and found legendary loot in this 3rd chest including two shredifiers, blast proof bee and a close quarter hornet

The badlands is great for farming not only for these chests but also saturn for the invader and hive and bonehead for the bone shredder.
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