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User Info: EddMario

3 years ago#11
killbot357 posted...
EddMario posted...
You probably set them on the seat after you got out of the vehicle and forgot to grab them after you grabbed your phone and wallet and before you closed the door

That actually happened to me 2 years ago when I was up in Madison for college. The only other key for that truck was in Illinois, so I had to have a tow truck driver come and unlock my door, and next time I was home I grabbed the spare key to give to my roommate. Now I just carry my keychain on a lanyard that my second roommate gave me.

Not sure you need a spoiler tag for the origin story of your lanyard

Actually, the lanyard was just luck. As for the spoiler tags, it was so people didn't have to read my story if they didn't want to, while still giving people who would have found it interesting, or also had it happen to them, the option to know it.
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User Info: Neku_Sanada

3 years ago#12
My rank didn't exactly reset. The number is still there, but I just got through redistributing my tokens. I had to load up each of my characters to redeem all of my tokens and to have each character's bad*** points added to the sum of my BAR. At least I didn't lose the stats. The only thing that really pisses me off is losing the western skins. Those were my favorites.
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User Info: NinjaYuffie164

3 years ago#13
So yes, you definitely got hit with the ba glitch. If your not familiar with it, it causes you to lose heads and skins, golden keys, and ba rank. As you've seen, the rank is easy to recover. Gearbox can give you your keys back if you submit a request through them. As far as the customizations, the only way to get them back is through outside means or have someone dupe them for you.

User Info: Neku_Sanada

3 years ago#14
Yeah. I've read a ton of bar glitch and lost key topics throughout the year. The keys seem to be given out like candy, so I won't worry about them. I doubt anyone can dupe the skins. They were special because if you had them in your inventory when you saved and quit, you would lose them. I remember picking up a bunch of the Maya ones and losing them while I farmed for Sal's skin.
Ohhhh... This isn't where I parked my car...

User Info: rush86

3 years ago#15
Neku_Sanada posted...
My gold keys. I had over a hundred. I think they fell off the hook, or I may have left them in the ignition.

Whats the point of having 100 keys if you Not going to use them. Makes no sense. I have 20 at the most at all times. But im always creating new characters and using them while going through the play throughs

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