Gearbox put in duping deliberately: Fact

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User Info: doughnutman

3 years ago#1
How would you fix duping? - Results (30 votes)
Take away the drop mechanic, which changes things like the puzzle in DLC, and the sacrficial conveyor belt
16.67% (5 votes)
Server Sided saved, have no access to your game if you can't connect, and random down times for updates
3.33% (1 votes)
Saves upon exiting inventory - Way more saves, increased chance of corrupted saves
3.33% (1 votes)
Save on dropping an item chance of game crashes, and corrupted saves due to 20 processes starting at once.
0% (0 votes)
The only way to fix it is server sided saves since people could just backup their saves prior to duping. And just no.
23.33% (7 votes)
Other - You have some magical fix for this.
53.33% (16 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Since it's so obvious Gearbox Deliberately puts duping in this game and they're too lazy to fix it, and they're all just lying about it not being fixed.

How would you suggest them to fix it?

This is a topic on how to fix duping, not on if it's right or wrong. Let's discuss.

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User Info: Fictioner

3 years ago#2
Do it like Bluzzard where loot is specific to you and others online can't see your loot. Removes ninja looting.
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User Info: macavele

3 years ago#3
I've said removing the option to drop for a while now. For the sacrifice table, function it similar to a bank. You access it, choose what items to sacrifice and then confirm.

What function does dropping items have, aside from the sacrifice? You can use the trade function to give someone gear, vending stations are fairly plentiful so there's little reason to have a maxed inventory.
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User Info: terrysmay04

3 years ago#4
I voted other, you should just be able to ask the game for whatever weapon you want and then it magically appears.
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User Info: xHuckleberry

3 years ago#5
Do competitive online looter games not exists or something? Thats what everyone wants BL3 to be right?

I would suggest they do it how everyone else does it.

I personally dont think they will fix duping for BL3. And its likely they make it more mod-friendly like BL1, imo. Thing is, i'd almost kill for a serious, competitive BL3. An MMORPGFPSOMG? On Pandora?

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User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

3 years ago#6
Voted other. I like the idea of separate online and offline profiles.

User Info: MonoxideHektik

3 years ago#7
This game has been out for over a year, and you're still going on about duping
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User Info: DevoidLight

3 years ago#8
I see no way to fix this that wouldn't impact casual players who just want to share, but not dupe loot

User Info: pb331979

3 years ago#9
I posted this in an other thread awhile back, but not sure if anybody read it. There is a game that I play for PS3 called Dungeon Defenders that has a pretty unique way of dealing with duping. The developer is Trendy Entertainment, and they are much smaller than Gearbox. The game is non server based as well.

Duping occurs essentially the same way. However, if any two identical items ever meet in the same game, then both disappear. It works very well, and has made farming and trading real interesting and fun.

I'll send an email to one of the mods on their site to see how they go about doing it, as I'm not too sure how it works. I'll try to relay any info I get back to any that are intersted

User Info: Millkdudz

3 years ago#10
xHuckleberry posted...
Do competitive online looter games not exists or something? Thats what everyone wants BL3, right?

No, not nearly everyone
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