If all 6 Vault Hunters were dropped in Torgue's arena with optimal gear...

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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

3 years ago#11
i feel like a hellborn krieg would fair pretty well here. give him the firewawk and a moxxi weapon and watch everyone else burn and heal him at the same time.

everyone else is weak to fire. krieg will be getting healing from 6 targets taking nova damage at once plus healing from his gun.

then you can throw in bloodsplosion, so the first one to go down will set off the chain and cause exponentially more damage to the other vault hunters.

the whole thing is very situational though. it depends a lot on the gear each one has. the build. the starting situation. does a sniper zer0 have to start off in the middle with all of the other VHs? or can he get to the edge and have some distance? dont see anyone competing with him if the range is far enough.

lots of factors, lots of different opinions. 1000s of different ways people could spin the battle to fit their desired outcome
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User Info: illbzo1

3 years ago#12
Chose Zer0. Deception is a good way to avoid taking damage.

lol at Sal, it's like people forget Absorb shields are a thing.
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User Info: PDGMTG

3 years ago#13
Zer0. This should be obvious.
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User Info: Phoenixmon2

3 years ago#14
I feel like Maya would be pretty dangerous because of Converge.

User Info: Shake_Like_E

3 years ago#15
Everyone seems to be forgetting...: Krieg would probably have the rough rider, and be on fire so he would have Numbed Nerves granting 50% DR while on fire plus 20% from the Rough Rider. He is likely to survive an attack, and have just enough health to RTB causing his DR to skyrocket. He would also likely be running Storm Front Nades. Once he RTB it would become very difficult to kill him because of his DR. And Buzz Ax Bombardier would make him dangerous as well.
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User Info: Arc166

3 years ago#16
Sal out performs everyone at everything and kills them immediately with glitch splash damage weps. Or just spams the Norfleet with a regen wep in the otherhand. Really though almost regardless of what he does this is a complete stomp for Sal unless Maya takes him out. Let's assume she does so this isn't a complete curb.

Map is too big for Krieg's melee to be worth a damn and he'll likely kill 1 of them by using RtB to tank and heal off shots while running for them, assuming he's melee. Then he gets shot because he's a big, ugly, dangerous target likely nowhere near the rest unless they're morons and his thrown buzzaxes are slow and easy to dodge. He won't kill Maya, most likely, and Zero probably turns invisible if he gets close. So Gaige or Axton likely go down.

So now it's prolly Maya, Axton/Gaige and Zero. Maya can again basically take out anyone she wants if multiple aren't aiming for her... so as threat number 1 she gets teamed and killed.

Now it'd be Gaige/Axton and Zero. If DT and the Turret can actually track him he probably gets shot to death by the turret before being able to melee/lineup a close shot. DT is a moron who only tends to use hitscan V flying enemies and likely tries to claw him, which he can just run past, invisible. If he can close the distance fast enough/pop a shot before being visible he probably wins. If not its suddenly 2 V 1 and he dies. DT will be hitting him pretty hard and the map is quite large so he probably can't. He dies.

So Gaige/Axton wins assuming everything goes exactly as I said and everyone is spec'd how I said lolo.

User Info: ZarnonElchris

3 years ago#17
Krieg would win it.
At the start of the fight everybody pulls out their Norfleets and starts firing, killing every one except Krieg who uses the momentary invincibility of Release the Beast to avoid all the damage.

User Info: AlleRacing

3 years ago#18
If Thoughtlock works, then Maya, if not, then Sal, unless there's no health gate, then Zer0.

User Info: Shake_Like_E

3 years ago#19
Ok, lets go for a likely scenario: Everyone drops and equal distance from the guy to their left and right, decent range face to face. Depending on loadouts everyone would seek optimal ranges for them. Since everyone knows what everyone else can do they would most likely all turn on Sal instantly, though if we took Glitches out of the equation he would not be as dangerous, Axton would throw his turret(s) close to Sal, DT would be released and just stand there b/c he is not that smart, Krieg would likely run in with melee to start, take a few hits and go RTB, At this point we have gunzerking Sal, Axtons turrets would be gone but Axton would now be chucking nades, Krieg is RTB, DT is useless and possibly trying to restore Sals Shields, Zero and Maya are waiting(maya is keeping who ever Sal is focusing on alive). Sal would go down either from focused fire or just from RTB Krieg then the free for all would start.

Zero would take up a sniper position, throw a decoy and take aim at his next biggest perceived threat which would be Maya since she can paralyze him. Knowing the sane part of Krieg likes Maya he would start chucking axes at Zero forcing him to evaluate his position. Conversely Maya would know that Krieg is going to help her and she would keep him alive as long as she was not directly in danger by doing so if only to keep a meat shield around, she would nto even have to thought lock him. Axton would go Turret V DT likely but he could also target Zero since Zero is a large threat and DT is useless. Gaige depending on build would probably be just throwing bullets around with Anarchy and encouraging DT. Krieg may if he loses Zero turn his attention to Axton, due to his grenades and I am quite sure he would crush him as long as he could avoid the turrets long enough to get close or hit him with an Axe bomb or 2. The ability to roll damage off gives him an advantage. His general psychotic mind however would cause him to be unable to properly prioritize targets and possibly he would resort to attacking what ever was moving at the time, though probably until he killed it or it escaped. Maya would be helping who ever she saw as the least of a threat after she realized Krieg is not really going to go down easy and Zero would be picking his moments to strike. Gaige may have the presence of mind to try to go after Zero, not really sure but it would be a long battle.

Its likely Zero would win if it came down to a 1 v 1 with any of the others, he could make quite a good use of his abilities, however it becomes a Wash against Maya as she can paralyze him. Krieg's disadvantages would weight in but he may be able to absorb enough damage with his DR to dominate everything that moves, or after using him to take out sal the others could take him out or try at least(not mentioning the sane part of his brain would probably interfere if he tried to take out a Vault Hunter but we wont get into that). Axton does not have much to rely on in this fight, his turrets may be a potent weapon but will they be enough? We cant know at this point.

All in all I would give everyone about an even chance depending on their build, but knowing Gearbox they would give Sal uberhax gear and everyone else mid-grade stuff. Which would put the running between krieg and Sal. Though I dont really care for Sal so I have to decide Krieg.
"If your going to ask someone to save the world, make sure they like it the way it is"

User Info: Pryorbeast

3 years ago#20
drake_skull posted...
<Very long, well thought post.

I like almost all of what you say. Biggest conflict I'd say is I would expect a melee Zer0. Without being able to build Critical Ascension stacks, I don't think a snippet build would last. Once he popped someone(Gaige) in one shot and everyone else saw it, I think he would be center of unwanted attention. Assuming he has a 5-7 second reset on decepti0n, he would get smacked very hard.

A melee build, IMHO, would have more survivability. I believe he would pick his fights in order of least possible threat(despite what I said earlier. I thought it through more) starting with Gaige. A few kunai, wait for her to turn and yell at DT for help then back stab, back into decepti0n.

Moving on to Axton, who would likely be lobbing grenades from the safety of a turret's shield, Zer0 would have to get some distance between him and the explosions.

Once at a safe distance I assume he would hidden until decepti0n reset. In this time Axton has most likely lost his turrets and is the middle of a gunfight with Sal and Krieg. Maya would likely stay away from them and search actively for Zer0.

If she finds him before his next decepti0n then it's phaselock, lights out assassin. If then he'd target her next. Idk if kunai would reflect from kinetic reflection so likely a slag grenade followed by a back stab.

By this time Axton has been owned by Krieg and Sal vs the psycho would be getting pretty intense. Zer0 could then wait for one of them lose and then off the winner, try to line up a nice b0re shot on the two before going invisible, or jump in and back stab/ambush whoever is closest.

As you stated, in 1v1 Zer0 has a leg up over everyone.

Note if Zer0 lost to Maya, then she is likely the victor. Krieg would eventually kill everyone else then be assassinated by Maya because he likes her too much. If krieg somehow lost to Axton or Sal, he still will have done enough damage for Maya easily kill what's left.

*my 2 cents.
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