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User Info: PDGMTG

4 years ago#1
So I'm currently leveling my Zer0. I'm a level 58 running a melee build, and something I've come across a lot is killing me often, and that is the lack of a good way to heal myself. Let me start by posting my build.


Aaaand, this is what I'm building up to. Go down the sniper tree for B0re and have a sniper on backup (A good Pimpernel, I'm planning) and putting my last couple points in Grim for the cooldown rate.


So I've mostly been running a Law/Order combo for heal juice throughout my playthrough. This has worked great for me when I have an of-level Order, but when I get into higher levels, unfortunately, the low capacity of the Order is getting me killed much faster than I want. The only brightside to this combo is the healing from melee, but in UVHM I assumed, and have now seem for myself, that unless I'm VERY close to only certain enemies, I will get killed when I'm not in Deception. I've been attempting to use a more hit-and-run strategy when taking on groups, but with the low capacity I usually just go down when running away again. :\

So I decided to try a different approach and use a Rubi with a Love Thumper. This seems like a silly alternative on paper, trading a low capacity shield for a shield that generally has no capacity, but my thought was with the Rubi I would be able to heal myself with my Chain Lighting when running from targets, to keep myself from going down as much; something I can't do with L&O. Plus, the added Roid damage from the Love Thumper was a nice bonus. However, I quickly found that the Rubi does not seem to be healing me nearly as much as it needs to for me to stay up. I seem to be going down more NOW than I was with the under-leveled Order.

It's really a shame, because I can't get a new Order for a few levels yet (I'm at The Man That Would Be Jack). Once I reach 72 I have another L&O given by a friend, and if anyone has seen my other topic, you'll know I'm also on the lookout for an Evisceration Grog Nozzle.

However, at this point in time I need something to keep me up. So, I'm looking for any advice. I'm not really seeing how people would use the Rubi before the Grog Nozzle was available. I'm just not seeing the returns I need.

So, anyone have any ideas or advice for me?
-Just Some Random

User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#2
*Came to suggest law and order lol*

Yea I got nothing. I honestly just use law and order but then I more or less never shoot anything so I'm not really gonna notice any issues.

....Useful post.

User Info: PDGMTG

4 years ago#3
I don't really shoot anything either, besides a slagga to slag stuff. I just need a new Order, or a Grog Nozzle, I guess. :\
-Just Some Random

User Info: macavele

4 years ago#4
Getting the Grog Nozzle would likely be your best bet, since 65% of damage dealt while wielding is returned as health, a MUCH greater % than any of Rubi's weapons.

Aside from that, I got nothing. You know the old saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight.
" Dibs on the Vaults"
Offering BL2 assistance to nearly anyone on anything, especially gear.

User Info: Anarki471

4 years ago#5
macavele posted...
You know the old saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Stab'em while they're laughing at the knife you brought to the gunfight?
WOOHOO! I'm a vet
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